Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Me: A Procrastinator?

Hello Sweet Friends

Thank you for sharing your time with me

If you have read my blog
For any amount of time
You have seen me acknowledge many times

And that is the truth

"Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor."
from William Cowper's poem, "The Task" (1785)

Variety: It's why I love my job
There is 1 task that I avoid and truly struggle to complete
Fortunately, I only have to tackle it once per year

I do procrastinate when it comes to this task
In fact, today was the day to complete it
And in the process
I realized that I avoided it all together last year

Packing up and hauling last years important papers
Down to the unit

Everything must come out
Be rearranged to put the new stuff in the back

So the older boxes can be hauled back to the office
For shredding

It's complete
For another year
And I'm thankful
My back believes I'm getting to old for this job
Heating pad or ice tonight???

Although I'm quite tired
My nephew was playing his first ever
Baseball playoff game

Of course Auntie had to go watch him hit

And catch
Maybe watch the ball slide right between his legs

A good and productive day

How has your week been going
I'd love to share in your joys
And accomplishments
Or pray for your needs

Blessings to you


  1. Paperwork is a chore for me as have to deal with it all the time at work. I do database entries. I don't like to deal with it at home. I am still trying to organize the things in my craft room, trying to pick what I really want to keep and what I want to donate or give away.

  2. Yes, I believe that I would procrastinate that job too. Doesn't sound like fun. My husband and I just cleaned out our basement yesterday and it was way overdue because of procrastination too. Glad it's mostly done now.

  3. Oh, Cindy, you brought back such fun memories. I know just what you mean, it is what I hated about my job back then. Loved every other minute of it though and some days wish I still had it. Only some days though..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. I'd go for the ice over heat any day. Spoken by someone who has worked in PT for the past 35 years :) That looks like an overwhelming job, right there...a lot of boxes for sure! I need to be doing this at my house :)

  5. I recommend some heat first, a bit of light stretching then ice. Works every time for me! I'm so happy you got the 'not so fun" job out of the way. That always feels so good.
    Now you enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. That's a great picture. Saw a pic of my great nephew in the ER with a broken leg last night from playing baseball. Two places, his face was just awful.

  7. That looks like it was LOTS of work! How are you & your son doing???

  8. That looks like a lotta hard work to me. I hope you're not too sore. I'm interested to know how you make your photos look so cool. I had a wonderful weekend at the Pink Impact women's conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

  9. Hello,Everyone!❤ Hope all is well with you & yours! I'm also hoping that it is not too late for Prayer requests: I am 57 years old, have been married for 34 years and we have 3 very lovely, caring adult daughters(without our daughters & my unshakable Faith in our Saviour, THE Lord Jesus Christ/The Trinity, I would not be here today!). My husband has had several affairs in the last ten years which, needless to say, has caused indescribable pain and destruction, particularly to myself and our daughters. The first 24 years were loving, loyal and joyful:the girls & I only knew our great father, friend and husband. We were the family in which everyone wanted to be a member! Due to my Christian Faith, I have believed it was my duty to forgive endlessly & remain married - now, I'm not so sure. My request is for Prayers for our family, our marriage, our girls, my husband & myself:for guidance (to leave or to stay?),for strength, healing and restored happiness:one way or another. As in all families, there are many more details, stories & memories but this is already far too lengthy so I will need to end here. Thanks to all of you for your patience. Blessings from Above to you and to all of those you love. (My name is Kim but I do not have a blog/web page so I had to send it this way.) Once again,many thanks!


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