Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Miracle Boy

It was November 1, 1985
When a social worker placed him in my arms
This 4 month old 
Weighing only about 7 pounds or so
With a diagnosis and a 
Not so positive prognosis

We were told not to expect this to be like our first foster child
Not to expect too much out of this child
It was possible he was deaf, blind and paralyzed on one side
He probably wouldn't walk or talk
It was best if we didn't get too attached
He may not live a year

This was taken at 6 months
He was just as cute as a button

I won't lie
It was tough
LOTS of therapy
MANY doctor appointments,
hospital visits and even times
When we had to let him go for visitations with his birth family

But through it all we had Faith
Trusted God and Believed he would live
And he would be ours

On his 2 1/2 year birthday
The judge signed the paperwork
He became ours

Life has not always been easy with his precious kiddo
He's faced many challenges along the way

But God has been faithful
And this young man is truly a treasure

This momma is never quite sure about the Long hair
But it does make for a fun photo shoot
Which reminds me that we need to do another one
I don't have any recent photos of this kid

I remember praying for this unborn baby one day
My husband and I took a load of trash to the dump
While there, I saw a young mother to be
Standing on the side of the dump
While her husband was down below going through the trash

I knew the situation they lived in and I prayed:
What will ever happen to that little baby
Protect that baby and keep it safe
Give it a good home and keep him healthy

God answers Prayers Friends
Little did I know that several months down the road
He would be placed in my arms and given
A safe, protective and healthy home

I Believe In Prayer

This Momma is So Proud to call you Son
This Momma Loves you So Much
Happy 29th Birthday Mr M

Wow, that makes me feel old :)

Hoping to Receive at least 29 Happy Birthday Greetings for Him
Will you Leave a comment please :)


  1. Happy Burthday M! Your mama would be pretty lonely without you! Thank you for taking good care of her! Have a wonderful day and vacation in July!


  2. Have a wonderful happy Birthday Mr. M!!! :D

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Mr. M. What a wonderful day to have a special birthday. Enjoy. Cindy such a heart warming story and what a wonderful son you have. I hope he has a wonderful birthday today and many more ahead. Happy Birthday M.

  4. What a wonderful story...happy birthday to you son.!

    Ginny Voit

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!! Blessings on you for many, many more to come!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome son. Sweet story.


  7. Happy & Blessed Birthday Mr. M.! I pray it's the best one yet...until the next one. ;)

  8. Dear Mr. M,
    May your birthday be richly blessed with all that makes you smile. May you feel the joy in your heart that you bring to others. May you laugh with wonder, and may God grant you something so surprising and beautiful that you just stare in awe. Thank you for being the best birthday gift. You are a treasure. Though I have yet to meet you yet, I am deeply thankful for you, and you bring me great joy. God's blessings for a wonderful birthday, Mr. M.

  9. Dear Cindy, Happy Belated Birthday to your son. What a testimony of God's healing touch and His love poured out through His vessels-you and your hubby. So very thankful that He brought this baby to you, so thankful that your son exceeded all the dr's said. Praising Him for your son.

  10. Cindy, what an amazing story! Happy Birthday to your precious son! :)

  11. P.s. Mr.M, you and I share a birthday! Hope it was special!

  12. Happy Be-Lared Birthday to your fine son!

  13. What a beautiful story of love, God's love and your own.

    Happy Birthday Mr. M ~ You are blessed and so is your family to have each other.


  14. I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday! By the way, Nice hair!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Matthew.
    Hope you had a wonderful day,
    sure looks like it, since you
    were surrounded by friends and

    May your next year be full of
    Glorious Blessings,


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