Monday, June 2, 2014

And We Have A Winner...

I enjoyed a Very Productive day at the office
I took so much mail to the post office
I thought I might have to rent a U-haul (wink~wink)

I came home and jumped in the pool
For my 30 minutes of
Laps and exercises
Working hard to drop a few pounds of fluff

Then I had my cute youngest son
Help me by drawing a name
For my 6 year/600 post drawing

Let's have a drum roll

Linda from Sparrow Scrolls

Linda, I'll message you for your address
And get your special gift out this weekend

Thank you all for encouraging me along my journey
And checking in from time to time 

You have made my 6 years of blogging
Enjoyable and have inspired me to keep on

Blessings for JOY


  1. Soooooo excited! I have truly enjoyed follow along with your journey dear sister. Looking forward to all your future posts!

  2. Congratulations to Linda.

    May you have another 6 years of blogging, inspiring and sharing with others your widowhood journey and how God is helping you.

    Thank you dear Cindy ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi there, I love following you. Glad you had a productive day at work. You are such a blessing-may the Lord richly bless you as you bless us.


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