Monday, June 9, 2014

A Favorite Piece

Because the weekend was so hot
I decided to do a bit of deep cleaning (inside)

One of the areas that has been neglected
Is my vintage hutch

This piece is one of my absolute favorites
And as much as I love to paint furniture
It will NEVER be painted - nough said!!!

It belonged to my husband's great Aunt
And although we are not quite sure of the age
It is somewhere from the late 1800's to early 1900's
We believe it came out of Bodie, CA
Which is now a historic state park
And the place where most of my late husband's family came from

It is also where Mark and I were married in 1981

 This piece needed a good cleaning with milk oil
Once cleaned I decided to update the top a bit

It is one place I do keep a few photos
But I added my special #3 that I found at Sweet Salvage
A small old classroom bell I found on Etsy
And an old copper vase that was found 
Near an old abandoned town in Texas
Not sure of the date, but it is definitely old 

I was happy to find this old classroom bell
And happy that it came with the cute #1 tag
And little piece of Bling

This pitcher has been hiding in another area of the house
I almost forgot I had it
And was surprised how much I like it on the hutch
I had the sunflowers from a recent photo shoot I did
So decided to add them for a little color

Meet 'Andrew'
My Ashton Drake doll
He truly reminds me of my #1 son
So inquisitive, curious and red headed
When I found him Many, Many years ago
I couldn't believe he was really created with the name Andrew
It was perfect

But then, a few years later
I found another Ashton Drake
This one is named 'Matthew"
Ummm...hello...I Had to have him
He totally reminds me of my #2 son
Who has the sweetest disposition, is a bit shy and has
 just enough of a twinkle to keep you on your toes

The top shelf of the hutch hosts a portion of my grandmother's china
I love it!

Under the hutch is another of my favorites
It's a Hot Point Hughes Electric Hot Plate
From the very early 1900's

Original key for the hutch
Makes me smile...

Not only am I pleased that this piece is Clean
It is such a special piece to me
And contains so many priceless items inside
That is brings me joy 
Every time I walk by it

Thanks for stopping by today
Have a blessed week ahead!

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  1. Hi Cindy, I love your hutch! I also loved Bodie-visited there in '78 and then later around '96. It had become much more commercial the last time we were there but such a wonderful place. I think it is great that your in laws were from Bodie. I love all the pieces-the two dolls are so beautiful. I'm not sure what Milk Oil is but I'm sure it is great for the wood.
    Hope you have fantastic Tuesday dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. What a lovely old piece and I'm glad you are not painting it.

    I LOVE the copper pitcher holding the sunflowers!!

    Enjoy your piece filled with lovely things that bring you joy.


  3. A very pretty piece and you did a good job accessorizing it. It makes it special when you get to use things that are important to you.


  4. Love your hutch as-is, and I'm a "painter" too. Thanks so much for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  5. Some pieces are better left with the original stain. This is a classic piece that should never be painted. So nice that you keep your treasures safe inside this special cabinet.
    Just beautiful!!


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