Monday, April 7, 2014

Working on a Little Project

It is a nice quiet Monday evening at home
I decided to work on a little project
Using these itmes

I found these egg cups at a yard sale a couple years ago
I think I paid $5 for 4

Always need to have a little candy for the grands
YES, I limit it!!!

Did you know that I think YOU are Wonderful

I'm not super creative
So we will see if my little project
Becomes blog worthy when finished or not

Enjoy a Super Week


  1. You have to post it whether it is blog worthy or not now that you have told us about it. lol I like to see flops even-because then I know it is not only ME that screws things up- lol xo Diana

  2. Is this going to be grass for Easter baskets? I want to see too what you are doing. :-)

    Your egg cups are pretty.



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