Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painting ~~ Planting ~~ Play-date

You may recall from yesterday's post
I had found this planter and terracotta pots at a thrift store
For just a few dollars

My list of projects from my recent finds is long
Yet, today one was accomplished
Along with having so much fun

I enlisted the help of my two youngest K's
And began the painting part of our play-date

I allowed them to choose colors and brushes 
And just paint away

Wisely, their clothing was covered
The outside table was covered

Using washable paint is a Great Idea

I believe little Miss K-Bel was pleased with her first piece

After a short break
And time to find a new friend
We headed back outside
To begin the Planting part of our play-date

Love my little K-Baby
Who isn't a baby anymore

Filling up the pots with soil and plants

Of course we must water everything again

And water and water and water

I believe this little project turned out just adorable
Allowing my grands to participate in these projects
Is MOST of the Joy
I'm not sure where it's permanent home will be
However, it does look kind of nice where it is

They Did Well

Now these plant stands need a bit of a makeover
Yep, I think we'll be painting again in a few days

Love getting projects crossed off my list
Especially when I get to complete them with
The help of  my little K's

Blessings to All 

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  1. What a fun project with your Grands! I love to have mine help me and he loves planting also. Thanks for joining TTF!


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  3. What fun you all had and it looks very pretty.

    Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  4. Such a sweet time crafting with your little Grands! You scored some super-cute thrifty things!

  5. Hi Cindy, Firstly, I want to wish you a blessed Easter.
    I love this project with your granddaughter-how fun and you are nurturing a creative outlet.

  6. What a great project for them to help with and they did such a good job (they are so cute)!

  7. sweet! It looks like they had so much fun, and they're so adorable!! :)

  8. Adorable project and helper! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  9. This was such a great idea and fun project with your granddaughters. And the result is beautiful!
    Your little grands are absolutely adorable!
    Mary Alice


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