Thursday, April 3, 2014

Glorious Spring Day

The two littlest K's arrived this morning
Almost before we said our good-bye's to their mom
My K-bel asked if we could go outside

Well, of course...
Before I could even gather our drinks 
My new 'decorations' for the Kottage

Had made their way onto little K-bel's feet

She Loved "HER" new boots

These girlies sure do love all the 'things' they have to play with here
Driving around the yard is SO much fun
Even if Sam is not so sure about that

I thought it was a perfect day to allow the girls
To help me water some of the plants

For some reason this pig watering can is one of their favorites

One bit of water led to another
And pretty soon the girls were soaked
I did catch K-bel jumping through a puddle :)
Can't believe I actually caught a good shot of her feet 
Off the ground!

So, On to Spring

Just a few blooms left on the lemon tree

But oh my goodness
There are many, many, many baby lemons starting to grow

Oleanders hanging over from my neighbors yard

I don't recall what the name of this plant is
But as you can see below
It is just starting to bloom out

I love it's beautiful orange color

I have several red bottle brush plants
And totally enjoy them this time of year

This is really the only time of year
We have beautiful colors
So I share them as much as possible
Soon it will be just too hot for anything to grow

Have a super blessed morning/day/night
Don't you just love that little bunnies smile
He makes me happy

Find Joy in Something Today


  1. Those grandgirls are just darling. Adorable. I love it when the kids like to be outside doing things. We are so blessed to have those sweet little ones in our lives, aren't we? xo Diana

  2. What a sweet visit you had with your cute grands. They look like they were totally enjoying themselves.

    Your blooms are very pretty and your bunny does look happy.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Cindy, Love seeing these sweet cutie pies. What a great nana you are! Love seeing the sunshine-it is overcast here, which was good for gardening this am. We weeded, put fabric down on the bed and emptied about 10 bags of brown mulch. I am wiped out right now. Don't have the energy I used to have.
    Hope you have a perfect day!

  4. Oh how fun, I love to spend time with my grands even if they are all grown. Such sweet memories to be made. Your pictures are wonderful.

  5. Your grand girls are just previous! Love those little boots!

  6. Hi CIndy,
    Just wanted to let you know you were one of the winners of my giveaway. Congrats. Please email me your address so I can get your package sent this week.

  7. Looks like your granddaughters LOVE coming to your house! What fun they have. Beautiful flowers!!
    Mary Alice

  8. They are so cute! The photo of the dog in the car made me smile. The boots are too cute!


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