Friday, December 13, 2013

December Dailys

What happens to the days
I've taken photos
But have not taken the time
To post them to my blog

My hope is to document
Each of the days leading up to 
I put together a photo book
All I have to do is add the photos
It will be 1 project I may actually 
Accomplish before year's end

Below are a few of the photos
I've taken in the past several days

A friend has been inviting me to her dinner club
It is so much fun
There is always a theme
And the history of....
This month it was High Heels and Tennis shoes
I wore the high heels
My friend wore the ??? dusting slippers :)

It has been fun this year to 
Do much of my shopping on-line
So happy that my packages have begun to arrive
And I don't need to ship anything :)

Have you ever been to a Christmas Party Gift Exchange
Steal the gift from a friend party
Yep, it was a Blast

This year our office decided to have our 
Christmas Party
In Our Jammie's
Talk about a super fun and comfy night 
Nope, Mr S didn't wear his jammies
But all had a fabulous time anyway

Tonight I hope to:
Prepare my Wrapping Station
This weekend I plan on:
Spending time with my mom
Taking her shopping
Write out all my Christmas Cards
(this will be a first since Mark passed)
Wrap most of my gifts
Clean my home office
Possibly stay caught up with my December Daily

Wish me luck
What are you plans for the weekend???

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  1. Your post was a delight. I can read God's peace, joy and strength throughout.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady


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