Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily 14 & 15

Within the Big picture of Life
There is nothing greater than spending
Time with People
And developing a personal relationship with God

Lists, Plans, Ideas and Hopes
Pale in comparison to Relationships

Did I accomplish everything on my
To Do list this weekend ~ NO

Do I have peace in knowing 
This was a weekend well spent ~ YES

Because I spent it with my mom 

We talked, laughed, ate too much
Watched some TV, went shopping, took a nap and ate some more
A weekend well spent!!!

And in the midst...

I cleaned my refrigerator

Made sure mo had the freshest 
And best coffee in town

Went to church with my son and his wife
To watch and listen to this precious angel sing

And dance a little bit 

Prepared my wrapping station

With ribbon and bows

Boxes and Tins

Loads of Christmas Bags

And many tags and embellishments

But mostly
Continued to Build Relationships
With People and My Lord

How was your weekend

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely weekend you had. I can read the joy in your post.

    I like how 'ready' you are.

    I need to clean out my refrigerator. :-)

    Have a lovely week before Christmas.



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