Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's In The Jar?

One of my Favorite Treats to myself
Is to spend a few hours walking through an antique mall
For some reason it brings comfort
As well as a flood of wonderful memories
Of hours spent with my Hubby searching for just the right 
Item that needed to come home with us
We Loved to antique together 
It's one of the things I miss most

A few weeks again I needed a mental health day
I took a day off work
And headed to one of my Favorite antique malls
"Merchant Square"

I had no plan, no list, no time frame
Just a few hours to walk around and 'be'

A little while into my visit
I spied this old time bobbin/spool of orange thread
I didn't think I had a use for it
Until I remembered the glass jars I purchased at a yard sale
A few weeks before

I picked up the bobbin and began a quest for just the perfect
Set of items to hang out in one of my glass jars
During the Fall Season

As you can see
I began finding some really cute things
I started with the bobbin
Then found the Bat Cookie Cutter for $1
And then the orange marble for 75 ¢

I loved the packet of pumpkin seeds 25 ¢

This adorable little Christmas book 
Just screamed my name
A little pricey at $5 
But I needed it ☺

Then I found the perfect fall hankie $1
And a little container of orange sequins 75 ¢

I got the pumpkin salt/pepper shakers
At my brothers garage sale $1
I already had the piece of fabric that I folded and tied with some black ribbon
And I had purchased the orange necklace a few years ago at Savers
I painted some pumpkin faces on it and wore it for halloween

SO, That's what's in the JAR this year
I truly enjoyed my fun day and finding these pieces
The other jar is filled with orange and white confetti
That I've had in the garage for a few years

And now Just Because
I took the photo the other day
It's how my son takes his fall naps
Pumpkin Pillow over his face
HOW do you sleep like that???

Happy Halloween All


  1. We need a 'mental health' day every now and then. I went to both the GW and SA thrift stores on Sr. Citizen's day Wednesday. I needed to do something different and enjoyed myself and got some goodies too.

    Your autumn jar is just that, autumn in a jar. I can smell pumpkin pie baking, the scent of a fire burning and feel the chilly, crisp air.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. I don't see how your son can sleep like that, I have to be able to breathe. :-)

  2. What a nice treat! I think it's important that we do that once in a while. Merchants Square is one of our favorite spots, too!


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