Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

  Many, Many years ago  
I was diagnosed with
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
I also have Cystic Breasts

Yes, there is a difference

Read Here 
And Here 
Because my grandmother and both of her sister's
Were each diagnosed with Breast Cancer
As well as that fact that
I have had my own scare while awaiting biopsy results

I am an avid proponent of regular breast exams,
Mammograms and also diagnostic ultra sounds

With all that said
I have to admit something that is not consistent with my thought process

I have not had a mammogram in three years

After Mark passed away
Due to insurance issues and other 'excuses'
I just got out of the habit of the regular exam

On Monday I went for my
'Not so Regular' Mammogram

YaY Me!!

I have not heard results yet
However, I am confident that everything will be dandy

Can I just encourage you to be more proactive than I have been!
And, if you haven't already, 
Please schedule your annual exam!!

Early Detection can save a life 


  1. Hi there, Congrat's on getting your check up-I'm with you and have been behind but I will schedule an appt. this week. Going to read about the differences in the diseases now. I've had lumpy breasts and now at my age they are very dense, which makes mammo's painful-but not as painful as breast cancer.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I'm glad you had your check up. We can't change the past if we have been negligent in our own health, especially if we have been taking care of someone else instead of ourselves, but we can change it from this day forward. And I'm glad you did! Praying for a good result.


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