Sunday, August 25, 2013

All Access Pass {Pantry}

This is Access I was not planning on sharing with anybody
In fact it is a small project I had no intention of doing
And no idea it needed to be done

Due to the fact I haven't been feeling well this weekend
I didn't plan a project at all
However, I had promised my oldest son and his wife
That I would clean my pantry and give them several items 
That I knew I would not use

My youngest and I seldom eat anything canned or prepackaged
And I knew I had quite a few items 
That my eldest's family would use

This afternoon I felt well enough to pull out a few things to give to the kids
All of a sudden
I realized that everything I was pulling out of the pantry 
Was Expired!!!


How did this happen?

Every single thing I pulled out for them
Had an expiration date at least a year old
Then I began to really look at what was in there
Expiration dates back to 2009?!?!

I was mortified!! 

How could a woman who keeps her home neat and clean
Who is Not a hoarder 
And grocery shops every week
Have this many items in her pantry that are expired?

Well, I guess that is what happens when you never look inside
Like I said
My youngest and I don't use processed food very often

Anyway, my large green garbage can is now Filled

My pantry
Is nearly Empty!!!

I guess I don't really need those can rotators any longer now do I?

What about you?
How often do you clean out your pantry?
Tell me your story :)

BTW: I need to shop for the kids, I promised them some food and now I need to buy some that is FRESH!!!! 


  1. I had this happen to me when we left Texas.

  2. I just did that yesterday, Cindy. I try to clean it out a couple of times a year, but maybe that's not often! I found quite a few things that had expired, too.


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