Sunday, August 11, 2013

All Access Pass {1}

Living as a single woman and single mom
It has become imperative for me to learn to do things for myself

Though I am single by chance (widowed)
Many are single by choice
It is my hope in this new segment
That I will be able to share tips and ideas
As well as encouragement to single women
Who 'need' to take on the challenge of completing tasks around their home

All Access Pass
will be a weekly post
where you get full access to the 'musts' of running a single/single parent home

I call today's 'All Access Pass"

'Out with the old and in with the new'

 I have lived with a totally broken toilet seat for about 2 months
Today I decided it was time to purchase a new one

And replace the old
Super simple
2 plastic screws and nuts
About 10 minutes to remove the old one
Clean the area and attach the new one

 I have also been using a broken rake for about 2 years
The handle broke in half so I just taped it and continued to use it

 I suppose I could have just replaced the handle
I liked the Red handled rake I found at Target today

I had my kiddo pose with said rake
Yet, I'm not so sure he will ever use it
(the look on his face tells me so)

 And finally
A couple of weeks ago, after washing my sheets (again)
I realized that they had completely worn out
I still think I must sleep very restlessly 
(HaHa, when I do sleep)
Because I've worn through 2 new sets since Mark's passing

Today I found a 30% off coupon for Sheet sets at Target
Guess where I ended up
I went from black 2 years ago
To cream last year
And today I purchased red

Love my new sheets
450 thread count, queen set, for only $34.99

That is it for today
Just a sampling of a few replacements I needed to make

In the weeks ahead I will document 
Replacing a light bulb with a chandelier
Painting and redoing a garage/laundry room
And many more items from my daily 'to do around the house' list


  1. Your projects are just the inspiration I needed to move ahead.

    Your bed and bedding are lovely.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady


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