Sunday, August 18, 2013

All Access Pass {2 TV Wall}

For several years, this is the 'beautiful' wall I see every morning and every evening
The hanging TV stand was in the house when we purchased it in Feb. 1995
It hasn't had a TV on it for over 2 years
Prior to that it had a very old 13' b/w TV

When I purchased my son a new flat screen (32") a couple years ago
I brought his old flat screen (26") into my room and hung it
The chair belonged to my grandmother and has sat in that same spot since 2001

Friday, I decided it was 'time' for a Change 

I gathered the necessary tools
Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), socket set, hammer, tape measure,
2 levels, drill with bits, Spackle, paint and paint brush,
scissors, sand paper, pencil and a step stool
I knew I was in for a long day

First, using the socket set I removed the old TV stand
Actually it was quite simple
I had just not remembered that we have painted several times
And this had never been moved
A little tugging to pry the paint away 

Then using the same socket set and the Phillips screwdriver
I took the wall mounted TV off the wall
When I put it up I realized that it was just too low
But I didn't want to remount the holder so I left it there for 2 years

After removing the wall mount
It was time to Spackle all of the holes
Of course it all had to dry
(I ate lunch)
After this was dry I pulled out the gallon of paint
We had left over from painting most of our house a few years ago
So glad I had some left
I did some sanding and then touched up the areas of patching

Once the paint dried 
I put the wall mount for the flat screen back up but this time I raised it about 4 inches
It was at a much more visually acceptable level
And, lying in bed watching it is better for my neck now

I didn't have much money in the budget for this update
So I used several things I already had
I did run to 'Kohl's' and used my 30% off coupon to purchase 2 items
I pulled my desk from the dining room in and moved 
My grandmothers chair to another area of the room

I'm done!
It took about 8 hours
However some of that time was spent 'waiting' for 
Shackling and Paint to dry

Thanks to my youngest son
For helping lift the TV back into place and helping me pick out a few
pieces from Kohl's

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think?
What project do you have on your to do list that might make you feel lighter when it is finished?
I Love how this turned out!!!
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  1. You amaze me! This looks wonderful!!!!

  2. wow!! this looks great. you should be very proud of yourself...well done!


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