Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Trouper

After 7 hours
A trip to the urgent care
A trip to the emergency department
Blood tests, urine tests, CT Scan

The diagnosis is:

Sclerosing Mesenteritis

You say you have never heard of it
Well, neither have I
And the doctor says that
After 12 years of practice
She's never seen a case

We are now home
Meds on board
He'll be sleeping for awhile
No surgery needed at this point

Lots of Research to do
It is most likely due to an
Auto-Immune Disorder
Of which he has never been diagnosed
Like I said
Lots of Research to do...

Considering It All A Challenge


  1. Praying for your boy Cindy. xo

  2. Hello I sent you an email as well. My daughter has Sclerosing Mesenteritis as well. diagnosed age 14. She's had an aggressive form of it unfortunately. 17 abdominal surgeries, ostomy, severe malnutrition and TPN dependent. We have an amazing support group if you contact me I can get you added to it. :)



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