Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life With Thorns ... A Book Review

I was a bit skeptical as I began reading this new book. I've grown a few rose bushes in my life but not had much success, living in the heat of Arizona; I have never found the perfect spot for rose bushes around my home.

As I tackled the first chapter or so I began to find I had something in common with the main character, no, not roses, kidney disease.   A disease that led our family down a difficult path for 8 long years, which gave us glimpses of God in new ways, which allowed our family to grow closer together than ever before and a disease that ultimately took my husbands life on Christmas Eve 2010.

Though there were portions of the book that brought back painful memories, there were also many more portions that filled my heart with understanding. Our lives can all be filled with thorns, things that cause us pain and sometimes even injury, but what would life be if everything was always roses without the thorns.

Margaret Dilloway captured parallels of life as she weaved this story, adding interest, intrigue and truth to a world that is not always rosy.

For the next several weeks we (over at BlogHer) will be talking about how roses and thorns and people can lead us down a path of joy and understanding, as well as gleaning knowledge from them all.

Though I did received a small compensation and a copy of this book, all opinions and writing on my blog are my own.

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