Thursday, July 5, 2012

When Daddy Laughed In Heaven

Today I have a little story

It is my nature to take control and get things done
Around The Place since Mark moved on to Heaven
I have tackled many projects and
Have felt good about the results

So, I had NO concerns about replacing the handle
In the guest bathroom tub

I purchased what I needed
Came home and proceeded to get to work
As I was unscrewing the handle from the wall
There was an 'explosion' of sorts
The handle AND the internal parts decided to burst
Off the wall and water began shooting Everywhere


Let me just say
I wish I had thought to take photos during the 'crisis'
Because they would have been hilarious Today

My youngest son was home so I immediately
Told him to grab a trash can and start taking water from the tub
And throwing it in the sink
He was smarter and began dumping it out the back door

I ran outside to attempt to shut off the water to the house
With no avail
I could not find the main water key
Which is necessary to shut the valve off

As son #2 continued hauling water out back
I called son #1 and yelled for help :)
Fortunately he only lives a couple miles from me
And high tailed it over as quickly as he could

My neighbor came home just then and tried to find his water key
No luck but brought over a couple of tools
By the time he arrived my son arrived as well
And they got the water shut off

Ok, so things didn't go as smoothly as when
I replaced the garbage disposal or the kitchen faucet
But with a bit of help from my boys
And a trip to Ace Hardware
We got the faucet fixed and a new handle attached

When all was said and done
My youngest sat on the couch and told me about
The conversation my boys had while going to Ace

Oldest tells youngest
"Daddy is Laughing in Heaven"
Youngest tells oldest
"Yes, Like This"

So the picture I get from youngest

Daddy sitting in Heaven
With head in his hands
Shaking his head
Laughing at Mommy
Oh My Goodness
What am I going to do with Her

We laughed ~ A LOT
Because Daddy Really Was
Laughing In Heaven

Oh, And By The Way
I had the Water Valve Key
It just looked different than what I thought
I Won't Forget Next Time
I Try To Flood The House :)


  1. This will be one of those, "Remember the time Mom tried to . . . " and will bring you and your boys a good laugh and sense of togetherness. And I'll bet your husband will still be laughing, too. He'll probably tell my Bruce about it, too. Great attitude, Cindy! keep on keeping on <3

  2. I am always impressed to read of the things you will tackle in your house. I often "talk" to my husband and ask him if he is shaking his head at what I am doing. I look back now and wonder why - before he died - my husband started labeling things in the basement. He put a big sign by the water shut off and put notes on the sump pump, etc.

  3. I'm glad it all turned out ok and you can smile about it now!

  4. This made for a great story AFTERWARDS, but at the time I bet it wasn't too funny. LOL I love happy endings.


  5. I admire your skills, Cindy, and your willingness to laugh at yourself. So glad your boys were close by to offer a helping hand.


  6. I've just popped over to your blog, quite by accident, and I'm so glad I did! You've given me a smile and some encouragement so thankyou!


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