Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tools of the Day

How neglectful I have been over the past year
Closing off the doors and seldom venturing out into the yard

Though, as the weather has cooled a bit
Life seems to be renewing within me

Breathing is something I do more frequently
And with less effort

So today I journeyed out
With a mission in mind

Power tools of sorts were necessary for my mission
A blower vac
A Weed~eater/wacker/cutter :)
 And of course a Lawn Mower
Which was nearly my undoing

Son #1 showed up in the knick of time
To rescue his momma

Unbeknowst to said momma
Son #1 put the on/off toggle switch on backwards
Can you say: Duh!  I should have known
 A little 30 weight and I was off

Lawn was edged, yard was blown
Lawn was mowed and thatched
After a quick trip to Home Depot
I was able to rake and bag all the 'dead' lawn
 Followed by
The lawn being fertilized, seeded and watered 
 Now I need to remember to water, water, water
And pray, pray, pray that it grows, grows, grows

To be honest my husband never, ever planted winter grass
He hated the extra work
However after a year and a half of no lawn
I am ready for something green in my life

It all took only 5 hours
Quite honestly I enjoyed every minute

And then I rested awhile
Did a little house work, laundry, cleaning and I even managed to
Fix a homemade meal for son #2 and I
Yes, I would say I used a lot of tools today
And I feel Great

What about you
What did you accomplish today

Considering Life Worth Living,


  1. You did get a lot done today!! Mike will be mad you didn't ask him to come over to help *wink* I bet your winter grass will be lovely (ours started to sprout this week)!!

  2. Wow! Girlfriend, you were busy!! Congratulations! Please share pictures of the fruit of your labor once the green begins showing.

  3. I love me some green and you will too!!! Praying for your labors to produce beautiful green grass for you to enjoy! Great job!!


  4. There's nothing like a little working the earth to rejuvenate the heart! I'm so very proud of you. You're an inspiration to me to keep moving.



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