Monday, October 24, 2011

Dates...That Don't Leave My Mind

Today is my Birthday
And my only thoughts
Are about waking up
10 months ago at this very hour
To find my husband had gone to be with Jesus
Christmas Eve 2010
This is my first birthday in 30 years without him

I'm thankful for 30+ years of memories
But missing him more today than ever


  1. thinking and praying for you today :)

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Know your hubs and Jesus are celebrating your birthday in Heaven!

  3. Bless you, my sweet friend. I cannot imagine....nope, I cannot. However, I am trusting Jesus to be your comfort in the coming weeks and today.

  4. Hi there

    I'm baaaack! I've been a bad blog friend and haven't visited much lately, but I've had a good excuse :)

    This was such a sweet post...and photo.



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