Friday, October 7, 2011

More Smiles Today

Today's smiles came
When I walked in my front door to find
That son #2 dyed his hair back to it's natural color
:)  :)  :)  :)
 Mr Cain
You look SO handsome with your natural black hair
This momma Loves It

More smiles have been coming for the past couple of days
October is my birthday month
Family and friends only give you 1 day to celebrate
But STORES give you a whole month

Yeah, I know
They just want you to buy stuff
But, from where I sit this year
I am taking any encouragement I can get
Even if it is from Curves:)

So far I have received
$10.00 certificate to Kohls
1 free month to Curves
1 pair of free panties from VS
20% off my entire purchase at Michaels
15% off my on-line or in-store purchase at Bare Escentials
15% off my purchase at Stein Mart
And I'll take anything else
Any other merchant wants to send me
However, I'm not so sure I have the $$$ to purchase
Stuff at all the places
But it's fun to get the card :)

I have been keeping a special secret from you all
For about 4 weeks
I still can't tell you
But SOON !!!!!

I'm so excited :)

Looking for any reason to Smile,


Hi Friend, I read and cherish every single comment you leave! You bring Joy to my heart! Blessings, Cindy