Monday, November 8, 2010

A Humbling Experience...

Do you enjoy humbling experiences?

I'm not sure I like the process but I do believe that it is a road that at times must be walked.

I am at the practice today, in the quiet of my office with lights off. It is how I enjoy working there is just something about keeping the lights off and how quiet it seems. I get so much more work done.

Anyway, I am working on a personal project, with my employer's permission of course, attempting to fill out grant and assistance applications for free or discounted medications.

Our family will no longer have medical insurance as of December 1 (not unlike so many other families in our country) and hubby's medication list is a total cost of (drum-roll please.............) $4,125.00 per month. Sooooooooo, reality is if we want him to live we have to ask for help.

It is so NOT in my nature to ask for help!! Call it pride but I'd just rather do it all myself. Yet, there are times when God just brings you to your own end so you have no choice but to trust Him. I consider that I've always trusted God but I am a Very good 'helper' Hahaha!!!

So, at the end of myself, I sit here humbly and seek help from 9 manufacturing companies believing that this season of our lives was NO surprise to God and all a part of His sense of humor as He attempts to Mold my Helpfulness:)

Considering Humility With Joy,


  1. I know it isn't easy to ask for help!! praying it all works out :)

  2. Keep knocking on those doors; leave no stone unturned... wish I had an extra $5000 to get you through next month. Certainly, something's gotta give.


  3. You are on the right track. One day at a time!

    Love ya, Connie


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