Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have You Packed Your Box?

I packed my boxes today
One of my most favorite things to do
before the holidays get into full swing

This year I decided to donate online

So I could follow my packages

I can't wait to find out what country they end up in

Have you packed your box yet?

Samaritans Purse

You can drop them off on Sunday


Considering The Gift of Giving

With Great JOY,



  1. as a fellow "gift" love language gal~I enjoy packing boxes too!!! SO FUN!!!

  2. Cindy, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just want you to know that I read about your insurance problem and I am putting you on my list that I pray for every day. I do believe God can work miracles. I have even witness one this very week with a man in our church who fell from the top of his house and sustained an injury to his neck that should have left him a quad(can't spell it but you know what I mean) and he had surgery and is going HOME TOMORROW and will be fine!

    God moves! And we get to experience it at random times! I will pray for Him to move in your situation!

    And your husband will be on my list too!
    Bless you for sharing "shoeboxes" when you have so much on your plate.

  3. Yipee...

    I took my kids shopping this afternoon; they're doing one for school, and our church is having a potluck next week to do ours together. We got the greatest stuff, and I was so glad to feel well enough to enjoy this with them!

    Love it! We're tracking ours as well.


  4. Knowing that the box you packed is 'packed full' of a whole lotta extra love!!! Praising Him for you today!

  5. Tyler and Peyton look forward to helping me with it every year. :) It's a tradition and we love it. :)


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