Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Not Horses!





This morning as I was standing and watching my son ride Coco,

I began wondering about a

question I was recently asked and began rejoicing in the answer.

The question:

"Why do you spend so much time and money letting your son ride horses?"

The answer:

Do you see that face?

He LOVES it!

When this little guy came into our lives at 4 months old

His life prognosis was 1 year.

24 years later ...

Where would you place your priorities when God gives you a blessing?

So now, when I am asked 'WHY' horses?

My response is:

Why NOT Horses!!

Considering Horse Riding With Joy,



  1. That's so great that God is allowing you to bless your son with such a great experience. I'm so happy for you guys. I always have LOVED horses. :) They're my favorite animal.

  2. Some things are simply worth the time and money even if it means sacrificing in other areas.

  3. Sorry, that previous comment by nateb2419 was me but for some reason my son was signed in and I didn't notice that it was posting under his account.

  4. You bring joy my friend to so many!

    And because I truly do love you and care...hows the whole sugar thing going?

  5. I love it!! I think those horses have breathed life into that young man. You are right....why not horses!!!
    And he and the horse are winners gathering lots of ribbons from what I've seen...

    Yep...worth every sacrifice I'd say! You are amazing!!



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