Thursday, December 24, 2009

UPDATE...Urgent Prayer Request

Newest Update...

Christmas Night

Todd is awake,

talking and joking

Doctors say he is in the less than 1%

who will recover from

a massive brain hemerage

Surgery is scheduled for Sunday

But tonight

It would seem

that GOD has choosen to do a miracle

On this Christmas morning

Todd is beginning to respond to commands

Continuing to Pray!

(Original Post)

Calling all prayer warriors

on Christmas Eve

Friend of family


36 years old

Has wife and young kids

He had headache yesterday

Son found him this morning having seizure

In hospital now

Bleed on brain

Unsure of outcome

Family is just waiting

Very critical

Will update when information is received

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  1. Lord, please preserve Todd's life! Give the doctors wisdom and skillful hands and give the family and loved ones the peace that passes all understanding as they wait on You.


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