Thursday, December 17, 2009

Six Years...

It's December the 17th

Six years ago today my hubby received a kidney transplant

A second chance at life

A light we thought had faded

Now shines brightly again

Six years ago a young man gave life to another

And so we were able to experience this

Last week after the wedding the kids all came over

This is the first time we have all been in the same room

Matthew and his dog Sammy

Andrew, his bride Melissa and their daughter Kori

Cindy (Andrew's birth sister), her hubby Joe, their girls Adrianna and Emaly

Mark and myself

We met Cindy and Adrianna a few years ago but they live in Sacramento

We had never even met Emaly (what a cutie)

We do consider Cindy as our daughter

and her girls as our granddaughters

So we felt like we had our entire family together

for a VERY special weekend

All because Andrew came into our lives as a 21 month old boy

who needed a home

And was willing to give up a kidney to save his daddy

That's Love

That's Joy

That's Family

That's Peace

That's Christmas

That is what Jesus is all about

For our family

The gift of life came as a child

For the world

The gift of eternal life

came as a child

And lives today!

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  1. SO SO wonderful, and what a blessing to have everyone together.


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