Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Question Of The Week!

Hi Friends,

Here is my question(s) of the week.

Why do you read blogs?

What are you looking for?

What makes you leave a comment?

How many do you read?

How much time do you spend blogging?

Do you comment a lot or very little?

What turns you off to some blogs?

Just wondering!

Considering Your Answers Excitingly Joyful,


  1. I follow so many blogs. You can check my profile and you'll find an assortment of blog types. Since I'm a Christian, I love to read and "meet" other Christians. I find that it always seems that whatever I'm going through, there's a blog that helps me. I've met so many wonderful women through blogging. I wish I could spend face to face time with them.

    However, my full time job is working in technology. So, I need to keep up on social media. I twitter and use facebook and read marketing blogs too. My day is spent on the internet. I'm glad I can type quickly.

    I write my blog posts for Heart Choices in the evening or very early in the morning or on my breaks.

    But blogging has been a God send for me. Because I'm a people person, I miss spending time with people. So, the blogging world has been such a help to me. I want to say that I still do have contact with real people, just not as much as I like. I hope this answers some of your questions.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I started blogging just to keep a record of all that God was doing in my life. It has grown into so much more. Believing that God has a bigger purpose in my writing, so that maybe I can encourage others.

    I try very hard to always leave a comment. If someone has taken the time to write, it's nice to at least let them know you stopped by.

    Mostly I read Christian blogs. Not all, but mostly. Lately my blog has becomea place of some "contention". It is frustrating to see one person leaving comments that are stirring the pot. Praying that God will continue to have His way with my blog.

    Great questions. I'll be curious to come back and read some responses.

  3. I don't know if I can even bring myself to admit how many blogs I read. It's A LOT. So I have a system with my google reader, and usually I can keep up. So if I don't visit the same blog for a few days, it allows me the time to catch up.

    I subscribe to people when I have a connection, a true desire to know more about them and develop a bloggy relationship. I love learning from people. I love when someone is simply real and honest, and inspiring at the same time.

    I comment a lot, I think. But I try to comment when I truly have something to say, not just to be visible in the blogosphere.

    What turns me off is when people are obviously only doing this for their own gain. I don't mind if people have ads (yeah, I have them too) or marketing or whatever...but if that's the ONLY reason, I don't really stick around. I like relationship too much for that.

    Whew. Long comment :)

  4. I started blogging to further flush out what I'm processing in my own Bible study, parenting, other reading that applies to life, etc. I read blogs to see that in other people.

    I initially was looking for people I know and live with to continue following their lives and what is going on. Half of the blogs I follow are real friends. The others, like yours have a common interest and I find encouragement in reading how you are walking this life filled with difficulty.

    I don't spend a lot of time blogging. I try to get a post up once every two weeks. And I only pop in to the ones I'm following once a week (if they post more, I don't always read it all).

    I comment on things that I can relate to and have something to say.

  5. I started blogging to share my photos with friends and family and then found all these other blogs. I had no idea this world of blogging existed and neither do my friends. They don't quite get it. I do have one real friend who blogs...Karen at Some Days are Diamonds. I found Lelia and participated in her online bible study and met so many wonderful Christian women from all over the US and the world.

    Then I started getting comments from other older bloggers and we connected for different reasons and now there are about 15 gals who come by to see me regularly and I check on them as much as I can too.

    I guess with our busy lives...it's not always easy to get together sometimes with our real life friends (which I still do) and this helps fill the void of friendship at the time when we need it.

    I also have found so many neat decorating ideas, encouraging Christian blogs, frugal shopping tips and great recipes that I am addicted. In the beginning, I was not working full time and found I spent way too much time thinking about my posts and reading others that it's good I'm back to work. I catch up with everyone a couple times a week.

    I've met one blogging friend in real life and look forward to meeting you Cindy soon! We are coming over for my nephew's wedding May 29th so I hope to connect for a quick "hello" in person.

    One other reason I love blogs is that I love seeing how everyone lives( I guess I''m nosy and why I'm a realtor too!). I love the country gals and the young moms sacrificing to stay home with their little ones(I love to encourage them) and I love travelling and get to do that through everyone's blog.

    So hope this helps....love ya, Connie

  6. Hey, Cindy! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You keep it up, chickadee!! And, how is everything going?

    Love your questions to ponder. Watching my time frame here--I try not to spend too much time on blogs unless it's nasty weather outside, and I'm through with the cleaning!!

    What turns me off--language in posts or comments that's vulgar or not encouraging. I enjoy Christian blogs--where I grow spiritually and decorating blogs--for fun tips to make my home even more inviting.


  7. Good questions! I follow many blogs because I keep coming across people who grab my attention one way or another.
    I am drawn to funny, witty blogs that are upbeat even if they are complaining about a neighbor or something.
    I will NOT return to any blog that is victim-sounding or poor me attitude.
    I like some christian blogs but many are too bent on getting the message out instead of sharing their real heart.
    One of my personal goals in blogging was to get to know some non-christians actually, & I have been thrilled to be considered a friend to many.
    Instead of TV most nights at home I blog....which includes writing, reading & commenting. I'm also on Facebook & oversee 3 sites for my job! I love it!
    Some people say that the internet is seperating people more, I totally disagree & have found myself investing more into my friends & students by the connections made thru the internet.Thanx for asking!

  8. Hi Cindy, I started blogging because...

    I wanted to document my family's life...

    I read some Christian blogs and thought...Hey...I can write something too.

    I read some Asperger's blog and thought...Hey...I can write something too.

    I read some fashion and decorating blogs and thought...Hey...I want to do that too!

    And I read some organizing and homemaking blogs and thought....uhhhh I need to do that NOW!

    I must admit that I follow anyone's blog that has anything interesting and I get so excited whenever anyone joins my blog. (Sad but true.)

    Blogging has been a great pastime for me. I'm at home with kiddos all day and inbetween getting things done it beats watching tv...overeating...or surfing the net anyday!

    Great question.

  9. Good questions and so many of them I often ask myself! I read blogs to connect with others. I wasn't looking for anything when I started but found great connections through a handful of wonderful woman. Something I didn't expect. I dislike the whole comment for comment mantality. I appreciate comments but don't expect them and wouldn't want others to feel obligated to read my blog just because I read theirs. I leave comments when to encourage others and when something stirs in my spirit; when I feel led to share. I follow about ten but I don't always read them all. I'm a busy mom and have a photograph business so I don't have a ton of time to always read everything. It's all about balance for me. I try to limit my time to about an hour between writing my own and reading others, it usually doesn't work. I'd love to know your answers and can't wait to read the other comments. Stop by my blog when you have a sec., I have something for you :)

  10. Why do you read blogs?
    I read blogs for encouragement, fellowship and to encourage others in their struggles and success in life.

    What are you looking for?
    Originally I was looking for other moms who struggled with PCOS in hopes of finding a way to possibly connect and grow through the struggles of infertility and weight issues associated with... some how I have found something greater... God's love through other woman's lives.

    What makes you leave a comment?
    I use to leave a comment no matter what I read yet I began to feel like I was being fake and looking at quantity instead of quality... so now I just comment when I feel it... I read blogs all the time and on some I rarely comment because I want to be genuine and not fake.

    How many do you read?
    I probably read about twenty different blogs.

    How much time do you spend blogging?I use to spend hours but now I just blog when I have written something in my journal that is worth sharing... or when I hear God leading me in a certain direction or topic.

    Do you comment a lot or very little?

    What turns you off to some blogs?
    A blog that is too political or doesn't speak to my heart.

  11. What a fun discussion, Cindy! Blogging is a stress reliever for me. Some people knit, some people garden, I blog. The length of time between posts tells me when I am not taking care of myself. I adore the sense of world-wide community that I can access at any time. God speaks to me through the sharing of my fellow pilgrims. Peace and Happy Mothers Day!


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