Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dog-Gone Cute!

We have experienced a beautiful spring in Phoenix. The weather has been terrific. I have listened to birds sing and taken long walks along with numerous hikes up South Mountain. Spring in Phoenix is usually short lived but this year it extended into May ~ What a treat.

I have seen on the news that we are supposed to hit the 100's later this week. I guess spring is coming to a close and summer is on it's way.

Today though has been absolutely georgeous. My husband and I have spent some time in the back yard with our son's dog. He (our son) is away for a couple of weeks and we are 'dog-sitting'.

Our last dog passed away several years ago and we decided that we would forgo anymore pets in our 'retirement' years. (Smiles) Yet, we have had so much fun with Sally that we actually talked about 'dognapping' her when our son get home.

I understand how easy it is to spoil your grandchildren ~ we have enjoyed that with ours ~ but I didn't know we could spoil a granddog! Today while we were outside, Sally was putting her feet in her bowl of water, I guess she was hot and wanted to play. My husband and I were laughing at her and all of a sudden this happened:

Yep!! She decided to jump in the pool!
We have NEVER allowed a dog in our pool and I didn't think I ever would but...

She's just so Dog-Gone cute!!

I will continue to enjoy her as summer arrives and the pool will be filled with playfulness!!

Oh my, what am I going to do about dog hair in the filters???

Considering Dog-Sitting A Joy,


  1. Gotta love those furry friends. I love mine. She is 15 and we are so glad to still have her.

  2. I am neither a "dog person" nor a grandmother so I'll just have to take your word for it in regard to the spoiling thereof...on both counts! :-)


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