Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 28 Babe!

Today I rejoice in 28 years of Considering It All Joy!

28 years ago I had the honor of marrying a man who has been faithfully loving me through thick and thin (my thickening waistline and his thinning hair).

I fell in love with a young man whom I could talk to about anything. Someone who listened with his heart and was gentle with his answers. A man who loved me for who God created me to be and not for who he wanted me to become.

This man God chose has stood next to me while I battled infertility and cancer scares from the first months of our marriage and never left me as faced a complete hysterectomy just a couple years into our marriage.

Desperate for children he walked along side me as we journeyed through foster care and finally adoption of two very special little boys.

When I faced an emotionally devastating time in my life, he comforted me and encouraged me to take what time I needed to heal from the inside out.

When my business failed and bankruptcy loomed, he supported my decisions and trusted that I would make the right ones.

As his healthy has failed in recent years and doctor/hospital visits have consumed our lives, I know I could not do anything else except remain by his side.

There have been seasons in our lives when ministry took precedence and time together was short, but through it all our love grew.

I could talk for hours about the trials we have faced and persevered through, the battles we have waged, and the victories we have won, but my tribute to my honey is best shared in a few precious photos from the moments of our lives.

The wedding day so filled with laughter and joy.

You wanted to get married in the church in Bodie, a ghost town and State Park, of course I could not disagree. What fun it was to married in that tiny church, and prepare to begin our lives in the homes of family members now gone.

Always and forever looking into your face.

Life as we began to build our little family.

What a special day when you and I were baptized and Matthew was dedicated.

And then the years came when the camera only focused on the children so there are no pictures of you and I together - but the memories are still alive.

And now in our 'older' years - the camera and our eyes have refocused onto each other and the smiles continue.

So much joy through so many trials, yet a pair of lives came together and remain solidly faithful to one another.

Considering 28 Years Spent With My Babe Joyful!!

Love You, Cindy


  1. Happy anniversary, Cindy! Reading about all the difficult seasons you have been through with your sweet hubs brought tears to my eyes. YOu truly have something special.


  2. "Happy Anniversary" and may all of these later years bring you much Joy & Peace,so wonderful being married to the same person for all of your many up & downs!!!!Praise God.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful love story ordained by God!

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  4. What a great tribute to your love.
    Happy Anniversary and prayers for many more!!


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