Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day {1} of 60 to 60

Day {1} of my 60 days to 60
Began with me sleeping in until 8am ~ YAY

I decided to take a photo of this sign I have hanging in my bedroom
I will remind myself of these good rules for life 

Motivation from my honest post last night
Took me to my dining room table
Where a brand new rug has been laying for a couple of months
It was definitely time to fix my table issue

With the help of my BIL and sister (last weekend)
I had my dresser and desk hutch moved to my living room
It has been waiting for some TLC
Which it received today

On the opposite wall
The entry area
I fluffed a few pieces that were already in place

Moving over to a corner of the room
I added a few bits and pieces from my beach cottage collection
My new rug finally found it's home
As did a couple of pieces I have received/purchased from friends

This room is not complete yet
But I made a huge start on it
And feel that my first day of 60
Has been successful

Thank you, to each of you who took the time to 
Respond to yesterday's post
I will send personal replies soon

Now, I will have a bite of dinner
And relax for the evening
Thank you for sharing in my journey!


  1. It looks really nice! I always “feel” better when my space looks pretty. I think you’ve kicked off the 60 days with a bang! Happy Saturday!
    Hugs, Sherry

  2. Love the new rug. So pretty. Sounds like you are off to a good start. You go girl!

  3. Dear Cindy ~ What wonderful forward progress! I love your colors and the rug is so pretty. I love your entry area and the wreath.

    Be well, be happy, be at peace, enjoy each new day. You are off to a good start with your 60 day adventure.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your rug is Gorgeous!! May I ask where you got it?

    I have 6 days to go till I hit 60!

  5. It really does feel so good to take those first steps. I cleaned off my dining room table last week and it was a big accomplishment for me. I'm a work in progress also and your journey is inspiring me. You can do this and so can I!!

  6. The hutch is beautiful, Cindy, and looks great with all the blue. I really like your rug, it ties everything together. It must make you so happy to sit in this lovely room. I love it! Hugs.

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Hi Friend, I read and cherish every single comment you leave! You bring Joy to my heart! Blessings, Cindy