Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Ending...

My Dear Friends
Thank you for continuing to stop by
Even though I was MIA for so long

Tonight I write about another loss
Another ending in my life

Oh, it's not the most horrible kind
It's just another ending

For the past year and a half I have been 
Joyfully fluffing and refilling my space
At Tillies Attic
Oh how I have enjoyed creating and filling my space
With fun and beautiful treasures

It has been a life long dream for me to be a part
Of an antique/gift shop
Therefore, it was so exciting to have joined 
A fun and unique shop

The owner received word that the 
Landlord doubled her rent and 
Leased the space to another business without warning

So, it is will sadness
That the shop will be closing on March 30th.

My heart continues to reel from all of the life changes
I have been facing over the past several months
And now into the next few as well

I do wish God would write me a lovely letter
And tell me what HE is doing in my life
Why I am facing so many endings
And changes
However, we know that is not usually how our God works

I again pray and wait 
Without answer

On day soon, I will be able to share Good News

Blessings to you All


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  2. I very much dislike the "waiting". You have my prayers dear sister.

  3. I am sorry to hear. Maybe you will be guided to a new destination. Be open.

  4. Changes and dashed hopes and dreams can be very hard to understand. I pray that you hold on the peace as only our Lord can provide, knowing that you will understand it better by and by. I am currently in a situation where God is working on His timetable and not mine...I just posted about it last night. Sending hugs and prayers, dear Cindy. ♥

  5. Dear Cindy ~ Changes are hard, especially sudden ones, like this one of losing your shop out of the blue. That happened to us when we had our antique shop. We'd been there for 8 years and when it came time to renew our lease, the landlord renewed everyone else's but not ours. He wanted our shop for himself and gave us 30 days to get out. It was a shock, we were angry, upset, but in reality, and in hindsight, it was a good thing for us.

    Keep this verse in your thoughts as you wait to see what develops in your life.

    Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

    Have a good weekend. You are in my thoughts and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  6. I believe God has great plans for you! Hang in there!

  7. Awl, Cindy - I am so sad for you - and for her - we've been having a lot of businesses around here close because of rent doubles too.
    Such greediness out there! Small businesses go under life as we know as America goes under as well.

    I do hope you both find another spot - when there's a will, there's a way.

    Please don't let this adversity you've been facing steer you away from your strong faith.

    God has a way and it is not our way. Be still, be at peace and know - truly KNOW - in your soul that He has your back
    in all things, all in due course.

    In the meantime concentrate of peaceful prayer and spoiling yourself with tranquility.

    Get that massage, go get that pedicure, bake a cake and have a friend you know is hurting for tea, make some crafts-
    put all the energy from worry to Good Things. Spread joy and love be still and Hear His Voice.

  8. Maybe there is another shop you can go to. I am thinking about selling at one shop instead of the 2 that I am at. I want to do more things and not be so tied down and get rid of things instead of buying for 2 booths! God is holding you by your right hand!

  9. I do believe God is leading you somewhere, Cindy. You just don't know where yet. It is part of the Life Plan and while there are doors closing and changes happening there are other doors that are going to open for you.
    Hang in there, Cindy! Praying for you-xo Diana

  10. Hi Cindy,
    God is taking you to new adventures and I feel a path to less stress and more peace. Sometimes we have to walk through some rough endings before new beginnings become part of our lives. I hope and pray for this with you. I do hope many new doors will open for you soon.

  11. We don't always understand God's plans for us, but he never closes a door without opening a window. Hang in there!

    Warm hugs, Carol

  12. Praying for you sweet friend! Changes like this are always such a shock, and I've often said too, that it would be nice to just know a timetable for God's plans, but it does seem like that is where faith comes in and picks up the slack. Faith in that while we don't know WHAT God is doing, we know He does love us and in the end, His ways are best. Will be keeping you in my prayers sweet friend! Praying that the Lord turns this situation into a bigger blessing for you somehow!

  13. I'm sorry this has happened especially because it wasn't a decision you made. Often times I've questioned why? when things happen and I don't always understand the answer. Perhaps he has other plans...I hope this all turns out well for you and you are happy with the outcome.

  14. So many changes and emptying-s of the heart goes out to you. Your blog is a joy to so many, may the way you bless others return to you in abundance---very soon!


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