Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring 2016 Tea Cup Exchange

Hi Sweet Friends

I am so excited to share about participating
In my first Tea Cup Exchange
Hosted by The Enchanting Roses' Stephanie

I was honored to send off two packages of fun items

For Deanna (who does not have a blog)
I sent off some sweet raspberry colored items
Her birthday is in January and her nickname is Duchess
I found a perfect tea cup
It's a January birthday month cup
And the pattern is Duchess
I couldn't have come up with anything more perfect
I added several tins of tea
A doily, note pad and raspberry dark chocolate
It was a super fun package to put together
I hope she is enjoying it

The second sweet lady I sent a package to
Was Sophia (who doesn't have a blog either)
I heard that blue was a favorite color of hers
I found this fun blue tea cup/saucer that I almost kept - LOL
I also found a sweet little tea napkin with blue embroidery
Coloring book, colored pencils and a bit of chocolate
Again, I hope she is enjoying her package

Now from the my wonderful new friend Deb
I received the greatest package

She must have checked out my blog
And learned some fun things about me

Of course, the card is perfect
If you know anything about me
You KNOW I LOVE the Beach
So anything beachy is for me

Deb stuck with a blue color theme
Filled my new and beautiful tea cup with sweet chocolate

She added in her package
A coloring book - beach themed with colored pencils
A beachy note pad and a Great star fish

When I opened the package
I was giddy and jumping around

It could not have been a more perfect package

Thank you Debby
For putting together a package that truly touched my heart

Thank you Stephanie
For hosting such a fun exchange
I will be back

And Now
Thanks to my friend Noreen
I have started a 'sea glass' collection
The only problem is
I only have 1 piece
And I don't live by the sea
If you have any extra pieces of sea glass laying around
You can private message me for my address ...

It's true
I kind of LOVE the BEACH

Blessings to you All
And Thank you for Stopping By

Linking with
The Enchanting Rose


  1. Cindy, You make me smile. I am so glad you got a sweet gift. I know some of the name in your post today...so that makes me smile too. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Cindy, what generous friends and such beautiful gifts. How nice. I don't have any sea glass but when I read a beachy, chic story, it always sounds so romantic to find it laying around the ocean..Happy Week to you..xxo Judy

  3. What sweet gifts sent and received. That cup exchange sounds like such fun. I just might join next time.

    Happy Wednesday dear Cindy ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hi Sweet Cindy, this spring exchange was so much fun and looks like you were blessed with the perfect gift too. Love the beachy theme in your exchange. Such a sweet tea cup. How nice of you to jump in and help send off gifts too. I don't have any sea glass but will certainly stay on the look out. I know you love the beach.
    Have a blessed day and enjoy the teacup/mug exchange visits.

  5. You put together two lovely packages, Cindy. I'd be tempted to keep the blue and white set, too. :) Coloring books were a great idea. I love the beach theme package you received. Star fish! Love those! Sea glass is so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your collection as it comes together. Now you've got me thinking about the coast. (sigh) Hugs, Nancy

  6. Hi Cindy! Let me just say it was really a joy to shop for you! This teacup exchange is so much fun and for me, getting the package together to send off is just as much of a blessing as receiving one. I am so glad for our new found friendship and that you are enjoying your lovely beachy things! Hugs!

    1. I also wanted to add how very thoughtful and kind it was to send out extra packages to those who may be missing out on receiving their package. (I found this out later after reading Stephanie's post) :)

  7. You received a very nice package and mailed off nice packages! Isn't it all such fun!

  8. Hi Cindy~~I have come over from my dear Stephanie's tea cup reveal, so nice to meet you.
    Your gifts that you sent out are both wonderful and very thought out for each lady.
    Debby is a dear! Look at all the fun beach related gifts, amazing. She certainly did her home-work. :)
    My sweet Stephanie speaks quite highly of you.
    A BIG pat on your back for stepping up and sending a care package to someone who may have missed out. You are very kind.
    I am happily following along with you.
    Have a wonderful day~~

  9. It was a very nice swap and extra special when Debby found the perfect gifts for you. Hmm...sea glass...I'll have to look around,maybe I have some.
    Continued prayers for you and your family.

  10. What a sweet gift you received! Enjoy

  11. What a fun exchange! Each packaging so thoughtfully put together, love the sentiment! Pretty teacups:)Hugs, Poppy

  12. Sweet friend, you are so precious and I hope you know that! First of, thanks once again for offering and being willing to send out an extra package...you are so kind and selfless, my friend. The goodies you sent to Deanna and Sophia are beautiful! And your tea cup choices are stunning.

    The package you received from dear Debby is amazing and so you, my friend. The tea cup took my breath away with its beauty and I love how she sent you beach items.

    Thank you so much for joining the exchange. It's a joy to see how blessed you were. Love and hugs to you!

  13. The teacups you sent were absolutely perfect! As was the gift you received. Every year I think I will join this exchange, but haven't yet. lol! I bought a jar of sea glass at a yard sale last year. I would love to send you some of them.

  14. You did a lovely job on your packages! And I visited earlier, the blogger that put that wonderful package together for you. I admired her unique choice! I have a huge collection of sea glass. A lot of it was actually collected off a lake shore. It was a huge, deep lake, that could get very stormy, so it did a nice job of producing perfectly polished glass. We went out after every storm! Beach combing is one of all my time favourite activities, and I live smack dab in the middle of the prairies now without a lake in sight. So the rare time that I get to visit, I take in as much of the beach as possible!
    So nice to meet you this morning, I look forward to visiting again soon. Have a lovely weekend.

  15. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your first exchange! The packages that you sent and received are all wonderful. How kind and generous of you to send a package to Sophia so that she has a positive swap experience. I can totally relate to being tempted to keep something that you purchased for someone else. Ha! I'm also a January baby so I'll have to keep an eye out for the Duchess January teacup!

  16. This looks like a fun exchange, and something that brought joy to your heart, Cindy. I have some pieces of sea glass I would be happy to share with you. Email your address and I'll send you some. I don't have lots, but a little is more than nothing, right? Have a wonderful week, sweet girl.

  17. Hello Debbie, this was my first teacup swap too. I have been amazed at how many pretty tea cups and mugs have been found and exchanged. The two you sent out were lovely and what a pretty cup and saucer you received back too. Regarding your new found passion for sea glass I have mountains of it and will gladly send you some. I will email you to get your address. Hugs ValeryAnne.

  18. Cindy...What sweet treasures you received. And thank you for "filling in" for Sophia. She loved her tea cup and goodies. She's already colored a page in her book. I shared our tea goodies at my blog. Thank you again. :-)

    1. Sorry. Here's the link: http://www.whatjoyismine.net/enchanting-rose-tea-swap/


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