Sunday, April 3, 2016

Busy In Pictures

Hi Sweet Friends
Thank you for stopping by

As you may have guessed from my last post
It's been a rough and sad week
For several people I know and love

I thought I'd just share ways
That I have managed to stay busy
And keep my mind and heart from feeling sad

Are you ready?

1. I packed up and put away all of my Easter d├ęcor

2. I changed the headlights on my car
After my oldest son helped me realize that I was trying to change the wrong one
And after he changed the right one
I watched - LOL
But, at least I purchased the right one :)

3. I had to have my water heater replaced

After only 18 months
The thing fried itself up
And a new one needed to be installed
Unfortunately, I had to pay AGAIN!! :(

4. I am in the process of draining the pool
The color is not beautiful or inviting
And now that my backyard neighbor cut down his tree
I can finally clean the pool
And hopefully it will stay clean Forever!!

5. I got Many Loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away

6. Yard Work and

More Yard Work

7. I got another bag of clothing ready to give away
That always makes me happy

8. And - Really
There are some pretty spots in my yard
I'm working hard to get more pretties happening around here
Instead of so many spots like this:

Busy does help keep my mind from
Going places it should not go
And, it helps make a new week feel less stressful

Praying for my friends
Praying that God has blessed your weekend
And praying that you see HIM
As you head into Monday



  1. I will take your advice, which I know to be true, and keep myself busy this week as well. I am so sorry about these problems you are dealing with. I hope the hot water heater didn't result in our problems in your house. We recently replaced ours with a tankless.

  2. 18 months! That's crazy! It should last about 7 to 10 around here. I know the hard water is hard on them, but still... So sorry about your friends. Love that you fixed your own headlight! xoxo Su

  3. Busy is good. It can keep you focused on things that are not happy.
    Hope you have a great new week ahead.

  4. Wow, did the plumber give you any explanation about why that happened to your hot water heater so quickly? Really, water heaters should last longer than that.

    I just love those bottlebrush bushes. We have one as you walk up to our front door. We had a bottlebrush tree when we lived in Yuma, and the hummingbirds loved it!

    Pray and keep busy is often times the only options we have. I hope the best for your friends.

    Warm hugs,

  5. Your water heater should have been under a warranty. Mine was for 5 years so got a new one for free!

  6. You have had a busy week! You are right though...being busy does take our minds off our burdens, if only for a while. What a shame though, that you had to replace your water heater so soon. Enjoy relaxing in that pool! :)

  7. Dear One, You always have so much on your plate and yet your faithfulness to your friends is such a testimony. It is an honor to lift them up; I know that you will be able to share comfort and understanding with your friend who has lost her husband. Lifting all those up in prayer now. I agree that your water heater should be under warranty-please check. Sending you love and hugs.

  8. My dear Cindy, I just finished reading your previous post and wanted to let you know that your prayers requests have become my prayer requests....I will indeed be praying for these three that you mentioned.

    You have been quite busy, my friend. I hope you find rest and peace in the arms of our precious Savior. Thinking of you and sending lots of love your way!

  9. You have been busy, my friend! It's good to dig in (no pun intended) and get things done. So sorry about your water heater. 18 months is a pretty short time. Love that you changed your own car lights. You rock! Hugs, Nancy


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