Thursday, March 10, 2016

My 3 K's and a peak at Easter

Hi Sweet Friends

Thank you for stopping by

Today I was able to enjoy a bit of spring break
With My 3 K's

Besides playing
We walked to Taco Bell

It was in the upper 80's
So as we walked home
The girls enjoyed a sweet cool treat

A little ice cream never hurt anybody
Well, except my tummy
But who cares

When you get to watch these sweet faces
Enjoy a treat

I am happy to report that
Besides sticky fingers and chocolate faces
All three K's came home clean!!

The 2 smallest K's played outside for awhile before our
Hike to have lunch and ice cream
The sun was a little intense for smiling photos

Most of the afternoon was playing inside
It got a bit too warm
Little K~Baby was so excited
To give Nana a Shot!!!!

And K~Bel was making sure Nana
Had her check up 

While K~Bug enjoyed a bit of music
And a few fun games on her phone

I Love that I get to hang out with all 3 girls during
Spring Break
I just can't wait for Summer

I have not done a lot of decorating for Easter
But enjoyed pulling out a few fun pieces
For the table
That the K's are sure to enjoy

My little lambs and a cute bucket
Along with a few eggs and flowers
Make for a sweet and simple vignette

I found the white/pink table runner at goodwill last fall for $2
It's quilted with cute pink eggs
I'll need to get a better photo next time

I LOVE Thursday's

May you each be blessed for taking the time
To stop by
I hope you leave a comment
I certainly love to read them

Blessings for a Great weekend ahead


  1. They look like they had a good time despite the heat. It was such a really warm afternoon for March! Sweet vintage decor! xoxo Su

  2. Children are the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae!

  3. Good Morning Cindy. This is so sweet to see you enjoying the K's. They are the sweetest and cutest girls. I know they fill your heart with such joy. I bet that ice cream was a nice treat for the warm day walk home. Ahhhh to feel an 80 degree day would be so nice. We are in the 60's and that is pretty nice for us here in the midwest. Loving having some of the windows open. Hugs my sweet friend.

  4. It looks like they had a good time and how couldn't one with ice cream? Its been in the 60's here which is quite warm for IL. Love you runner you found at GW! Love that store!

  5. Hi Cindy. Sure looks you have fun with the little K's. Grands are the best. I really love that little lamb in your header pic..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. Sounds like you and your K's had a wonderful Thursday. They are so cute. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.


  7. Your 3 K's always look like they have great fun with you.

    Love your decorations.

    Have a nice weekend, a lovely Easter week and a sweet spring,


  8. Cindy, I am not going to worry about you, you have a couple of really cute nurses there to tend to you. LOL Your grandgirls are adorable....and they are growing up. Glad you are having a ood time with them. Love all your cute Easter things. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Dear Cindy, your three K's are just adorable and look like they have so much fun with you when they visit. You all are making precious memories. All your spring Easter decor is so pretty.
    Enjoy the weekend and sending hugs your way. xo

  10. Dear Cindy, I love reading about your celebrating life with your grands-they are so beautiful! What a blessing we receive with grandchildren. Sending you lots of love and wishes for a fun weekend.

  11. It is so nice that your grandgirls enjoy being with you. I miss those days with mine...she is almost 13 and would rather hangout with her friends.
    Thinking of you often.

  12. Cindy us too - all week in mid 80's. Enjoyed this post and seeing photos of your sweet Grands. Love all your Easter touches, your header is oh so pretty.
    Happy weekend.

  13. What cuties and what a wonderful granny you are! Love spending time with mine. Now that school is on I don't get to see them an awful lot. Love your sweet sheep!

  14. Your "Ks" are so cute, Cindy! Your Easter decor is very sweet, and what a steal on that tablerunner!


  15. What a happy post! Since like a perfect spring break to me. We got to spend a lot of time with our kids, too. I really like the photos of the pretty girls and the Easter decorations.

  16. Your new header looks very Spring like and ready for the Easter holiday, Cindy. Love seeing pics of the girls. They warm my heart. You can tell by your writings that they are a bright spot in your life!! Praise the Lord!

  17. Your new header looks very Spring like and ready for the Easter holiday, Cindy. Love seeing pics of the girls. They warm my heart. You can tell by your writings that they are a bright spot in your life!! Praise the Lord!

  18. I love to see photos of your 3 K's. Such pretty girls. I'm so happy for you, Cindy, that they are close by and you can spend time with them. xo ~ Nancy

  19. They are just darling little girls, Cindy. Don't they just add so much joy to your heart and life? Nothing like hearing the word "Nana" fall from those sweet little lips, is there? It is too cold for ice cream here yet. We have SNOW coming tonight!!!! xo Diana


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