Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Busy Celebrating

Hi Sweet Friends

I was too busy Celebrating my mom's
80th Birthday that I forgot to take many photos

I got a few
But none of the family
21 of us silly members
Having a super fun time
At mom's
50's Style Celebration

We all had a great time
Mom has been through so much in recent years
She's battled many serious illnesses
Including a broken hip and mini stroke
But has bounced back each and every time

This past summer she bought her own home
And now lives alone

God has been faithful to heal her
And we are So very grateful that we
Have been able to celebrate another year with her

It is always fun to have my 3 K's around
They are such Joy in my life

Fortunately we didn't Need the fire extinguisher

Mom's Birthday is April 4th
I'll send her all of your birthday wishes
Cards welcome :)

Easter was a bit of a rough day for me
But I did get 45 minutes with all of my kiddos and grands
I can Never get a good photo of all of them
But at least they were all in one place
At the same time
Lots of hugs and smiles

And finally

I purchased a card today
Wrote it out with kind and loving words
Signed it
Addressed it
Stamped it and placed it in the mail

I'm sure in a few days
I'll be SO surprised to receive it - LOL

Be Happy and Blessed


  1. You are so beautiful, my friend! I just love the last photo of you :)

    What a blessing to celebrate your mom's 8oth birthday! She looks fantastic! Please wish her a very Happy Birthday from me. We are very close as my birthday is the 2nd {{smiles}} It's the big 30 this year...eek!

    Have a wonderful night, dear Cindy! Much love to you!

  2. I am so blessed that my parents (82 & 85) are both still with me and doing well. Cherish the times you have.

  3. Congratulations to your mom. It does look like the cake is on fire! Good thing you didn't require the extinguisher. I you had an enjoyable Easter and can enjoy the season. xoxo Su

  4. Great photo of your Mom and the one of you also!

    Bought a home last year, that's quite the accomplishment. I wish your Mom much peace, good health and joy.

    Same to you too dear one ~ FlowerLady

  5. Hi Cindy,
    So happy to see your mom's smile with all of you celebrating her birthday. Glad you got a photo of all the kiddo's together. Glad you had a great Easter all together.

  6. Your mom looks great, Cindy. A pretty lady, like you. Love the photo of you with that beautiful smile. It did my heart good to see it this morning. So glad you enjoyed a nice Easter with your family, and a birthday celebration with your mama. Wish her a happy birthday from me. And congratulate her on buying her own home and living independently. That's what I'm hoping for at her age (should the Lord tarry). Hugs, Nancy

  7. Hi Cindy. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom. She looks so sparky in her cute do and ribbon. Glad you had a wonderful celebration with your family. Even though you were hiding behind those shades, I think you looked pretty sparky as well..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom...what a fun party. :) Good that you had family there to enjoy. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. My Mom will be 80 in June! I'm already "planing" here party. She just wants family to be together! Love all the candles on your Mom's cake! Nice family photo!


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