Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking Forward

Hello Sweet Friends

Looking Forward
That IS what I need to do

The past 5 months have been filled with
Unimaginable pain, sickness and stress
I'm ready to Look Forward

Matthew is home from his 3rd stay
In Patient Treatment
He is over the influenza
Praying he stays healthy in every way over the months to come

I am down with something again
I had my mini hospital vacation in October
And since then I have been sick 3 times
I'm usually fairly healthy
I believe all the stress has
Depleted my immune system
I need a Huge Re~Charge!

Late Wednesday evening I decided to
Start a project
(what was I thinking)
I've been wanting to paint this
Super sweet bed side table for years
I've had a small pot of Annie Sloan paint
I guess I decided there was no time like the present

The only problem was
I got sick
So, the piece is half painted
Waiting for me to get to feeling well enough to finish it
Hopefully this week

Even though I have a fever and feel crumby today
I kept thinking about my taxes
And I really wanted to get them done
I drug my achy body into my office
And forced myself to get her done

Check that off my to do list!!

I'm back in my black easy chair
And with a little help from my friends
I hope to be feeling as good as new tomorrow
Work is calling, you know

And Yes!
The Chocolate IS the best medicine!

May YOU have a beautiful week ahead!
Enjoy the fullness of HIS presence
And the beauty of HIS creation!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Hi Cindy, I pray you're feeling better soon. Stress causes so many physical ailments and I know you've had more than your share recently. I trust you have a circle of encouraging and supportive friends.
    Mary Alice

  2. Yes, all this stress can drag you down :(
    You do need to take care of yourself...continued prayers for you!
    Sending you a huge HUG!

  3. Oh yes, chocolate is definitely the best medicine {{smiles}} I am so sorry you have been so down with your health...please know you are in my prayers, dear friend. Take good care of yourself!

    Much love!

  4. I hope and pray for you to be fit and feisty again soon. It is not fun to be ill and makes for a messy home!

  5. Hi Cindy, I hope and pray you are feeling better this week. Yes, the chocolate is the best medicine. Enjoy some down time to rest and relax. Get Well Wishes. xo

  6. Dear Cindy, you really have more than your share of trials, but yet you seem to hand in there with all of your might. Thank you for being an amazing example. God bless you dear friend. xx Jo

  7. I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. I had something for three weeks. I do think that you are under unbelievable stress. So sorry that Matthew is struggling. I hope the doctors can get him to a stable place soon. Hugs for you.

  8. So sorry you have been sick!! I'm sure the stressful time you've been having has totally drained your system. Here's praying for a quick recovery and get that cute table painted! lol


  9. Oh gosh, hope you get feeling better! Glad also that Matthew is on the mend! I think #3 is the way it's going this year with colds. I had not had one for two years and I have had one 3 times this year. Crazy!! Hooray that the taxes are done. Hubby always does ours and I never like hearing what we have to pay each year. lol!

  10. Oh my, I do hope you are soon recovered in health and strength. Stress can wreak havoc with our lives and you my dear, have been under a lot of it lately.

    Looking forward to seeing that table painted and hearing you are doing well.

    Love, hugs and continued prayers ~ FlowerLady

  11. Chocolate is good. Time with friends, reading, praying, and a manicure can work wonders too. :)

  12. I hope you feel better soon. Praying for you, your family... xoxo Su

  13. I am so sorry, Cindy, for your troubled heart and your sick body. Stress, and you've had more than your share, can do so much damage. I am praying for your physical and mental recovery, as well as for Madi.

    Warm hugs,

  14. Cindy,
    I hope you are feeling better, stress is the worst. To boost the immune system I take Qunol Mega CoQ10 (Ubiquinol). It truly is a magical vitamin and I've taken it since 1983. Enjoy getting back to your project and I wish you good health and stress free days ahead. Laughter helps with stress, get together with friends or watch a funny comedy.

  15. Oh, Cindy- I am so sorry you've been feeling poorly! Yes, stress ruins goodness in every way, including our health! Hope you are on the mend and checking things off as done on your worry list.

    Sending up a little prayer for you. Get well soon. Big hugs! ♥

  16. I'm sorry you've had so many health issues. Man, I'm jealous. I wish we could have gone through our turbo tax so quickly. We ran into problems and will have to get back to it. :-(

  17. Oh Cindy bless your heart. Sure hope you all are completely well soon.


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