Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm A Plumber...

Hi Sweet Friends

It feels SO good to be back
My kiddo is home
Update HERE

Over the weekend I noticed that there was water
On the floor in my Master bathroom
I realized it was coming from under the toilet
I knew exactly what the problem was
However, I didn't have time to repair it immediately

On Tuesday morning
I got up and ran over the Ace
Picked up a wax ring
And came home to repair the problem

I watched a couple of YouTube videos
Just to make sure I knew how to replace the ring

Let me just say here
Toilets are Heavy
Nuf said :)

After turning off the water
Unscrewing the bolts and the water supply
From the bottom of the tank
I lifted the toilet and moved it off the seal

I spent several minutes
Cleaning off the old wax seal
Cleaning the area around it
And cleaning the floor

(How do things get so dirty when they are not open to the air?)

I replaced the wax ring and cup with a new set
Then came the hard part
I had to lift the toilet again
Get is set correctly on those bolts
This was a bit of a challenge
Because I had to hold the toilet until each
Of the wholes were centered over the bolts

My suggestion:
Have a bit of help when you do this part

After resetting the toilet
I cleaned everything up

I reconnected the water and bolts
40 minutes and the job was Done
I hope I don't have to do that again
For a long while

You all know I have a little shopping addiction - LOL
I purchased a sweet heart on an etsy site
And it arrived today

Is one of my favorite Etsy Sites
You can see her beautiful items here

Not only did I receive the hand made heart
Stephanie added a sweet journal
Just in time for me to start writing
Down all of the wonderful Blessings
That God has blessed me with

1. Madi is Home and safe
2. My toilet is not leaking
3. I have a Terrific Job that I Love

Those will be the first blessings I will write in my new
Blessings Journal

Thank you Stephanie

May you all be blessed
And find JOY in the little things


  1. You're my new hero - Plumber Cindy!!! You go girl! Now when that issue comes up in my life (which we know it probably will - hee hee) I have more confidence to attack the problem cuz I will know that you did it!!

  2. You did good! Very, very good! I love that you have been able to do this on your own! xo Diana

  3. Wow, what a woman you are! I've watched hubby do it several times but would not try it myself-well done! Love the heart and the journal, you my friend are loved and give so much love.

  4. I am so proud of you!! So happy about your son. I will continue to pray blessings over you both!!

  5. You are awesome. How did you ever lift that toilet.

  6. I am impressed! You did a great job Cindy! Love the sweet heart and journal. That Stephanie is so talented. So glad your baby is back home. I'll be praying for you both. Hugs, Sherry

  7. Cindy, It is amazing what we women can do when we need to. I've had to do repairs of all kinds . What with you tube videos ...I think that's a big help. Good for you girl. So good that you are counting your blessings. You are awesome. xoxo,Susie

  8. You go girl!! So proud of you for attacking the problem and taking care of it yourself. I'm amazed daily at what I can do now that I have to. LOL

    So glad things are better.


  9. Oh my gosh, I am impressed! Now the question I have is if you are a plumber, did you show a plumbers crack when you were down there working? lol! Sorry, I couldn't resist. So glad Madi is home!! Three things to definitely be thankful for. Love your treasures from Stephanie!

  10. Stephanie is a sweetheart. Pretty! I know how to do that, but could never lift it :) It's impressive that you did it yourself! One has to get the wax seal just right or it will stink. (My dad is a plumber, that's how I know. :)) I hope it all goes smoothly for all of you. xoxo Su

  11. Today I was given bad news about a dear friend from high school. She, my dear friend, Sue, and I all hung out together and have been friends since 1967. She ended up moving to Las Cruces, NM and Sue and I to Oregon. We kept in touch via letters, cards, email and occasionally on Facebook. Her son sent me a message that she is in hospice, her liver and kidneys failing. I think my blessing to be thankful for was that she had been in my life.

  12. Cindy, I have missed a few of your posts, I think. I am so glad that Madi is home and in safe hands, and is living the life that was meant to be. I am so proud of you even though I know it was hard for some time, and probably still is at times, but you are so strong and your faith will carry you through. You are a kind and loving person and I've no doubt that it reflects onto Madi. I'm so glad for you my friend. AND, you are now an experienced plumber. I couldn't begin to do that..Judy

  13. Good for you Cindy! You go girl! You inspire me.

    I'm glad Madi is home and will go read that post next.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  14. Hi Cindy, you are amazing and did a great job all on your own. You saved a ton of money by doing this yourself. You Go Girl!!
    So glad Madi is home. Love the heart Stephanie designed. She is so very talented and a blessing with her designs.
    Have a great weekend ahead and Blessings to you! xo

  15. Hooray for YOU! I would have had to call a plummer! Continued prayers for you & Madi....Stephanie is a very sweet person :) I have a blessing journal too. Cute heart. Take care.

  16. Plumber can now be added to your talents!!!! You go girl. So proud of you.

  17. Good job on the toilet! Would you ever want to be a plumber? I'm assuming the answer would be "NO," and that's why plumbers get the big bucks....cannot even imagine doing stuff like that all day, every day!

    The heart is so sweet, and what a lovely addition with the "Blessings Journal."

    So glad Madi is home!

    Warm hugs,

  18. I wouldn't even consider fixing a leaking toilet!! You go girl! Of course I AM way older than you:) Love the little heart and a blessings journal is a fabulous idea!!!

  19. You did all that yourself, Cindy? Dang girl...I'm very impressed!

  20. Way to go. I'm seriously impressed and can I say? Yuck. Those wax rings are nasty to clean up. I'm not sure that I could lift a toilet.

  21. Gosh your a self-sufficient girl. When I first bought the Charmer I was single and learned to do so much! Glad Madi is home, and hope things start going more smoothly soon!

  22. Boy, I'm impressed, Cindy. I can't imagine tackling a project like that on my own. You're amazing. Cute heart. I went to Stephanie's Etsy shop and I have to say she has incredible prices on her handmade items. Can't imagine how she makes any money. Very pretty things she makes. Glad Madi is home safe. Hugs, Nancy


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