Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prayers for a Friend and The Giveaway

Hi Friends

In the early years of blogging
I met some wonderful friends
While participating in on-line Bible Studies

One of those friends is Carol
Carol is a sweet woman who lives in California
(My home state)
She's married and has a beautiful daughter

She has been waiting for a liver transplant for many years

Well, friends
The time has finally arrived
Carol is in the hospital being prepared
To receive part of her nephew's liver

Transplant is near and dear to my heart
As kidney transplant gave my hubby
An extra 7 years and 7 days of life

Will you please pray with me
As Carol and her nephew have surgery
And go through the recovery process

Updates can be found on Carol's Caringbridge site

Thank you my dear friends!!

Now, don't forget to go over to my 
700th post to enter the giveaway

I will be drawing a name on Sunday afternoon
So, go by and enter to win!
It's a tiny way to say thank you for 
Loving me through 700 blog posts
Blessings for the Day


  1. Yes. Lost an extended family member about 7 years ago to this horrible disease. It's amazing they do a partial transplant from a family member now! What a blessing. xoxo

  2. Prayers sent and know she will be in good hands!

  3. May God be with Carol, her nephew, family and drs. at this time.


  4. Prayers from them indeed! I have a dear friend who's daughter has been saved by two transplants.

  5. I will certainly add them to my prayers. Thank you for the opportunity. Hugs, Jo

  6. Praying for your dear friends. I pray it all goes well .Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. OMG! I hope everything goes well for your friend getting her transplant! I will keep her in my prayers. Your giveaway looks great. I will head over and sign-up!

  8. Dear Cindy, prayers for Carol and her liver transplant. It is amazing what can be done with a partial transplant and what a miracle blessing it is.
    Sending many prayers her way.
    Thanks again for offering a special giveaway for your 700th post.
    Best wishes to many more fun posts ahead.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for your friend, Cindy. It's amazing how far medical science has come! Yet our trust is ultimately in our Lord.
    Your give away looks like fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl.


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