Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Joy-Filled Weekend

Hi Friends,

I hope you have enjoyed a great weekend

Today I'm sharing a couple of events 
That I was able to attend

My oldest granddaughter
Was in both the 5th grade Music Fest
And the 4th/5th grade choir concert
This past Thursday evening
That's my K-Bug front and center

The two littlest K's enjoying the concert

I just loved watching her smiling face

A daddy moment

K-Bugs cousin G is in 4th grade
So they got to enjoy after school choir
Together this year

These 3 will all start kindergarten in the fall
 I'll share a post about them in a few weeks

On Saturday afternoon 
I had the pleasure of attending this beautiful  woman's wedding

Friend, Co-worker and sister widow
Found love again

After nearly 14 years of widowhood and raising her sons
She met and married a wonderful man
It was such a beautiful afternoon

A few of my great co-workers and friends

More friends and co-workers (boss) :)

The day sealed with a kiss
Such a precious day

Another co-worker
Had a gender reveal today


Thank you for allowing me to share some happy moments with you



  1. Cindy, You did have a great weekend. Everyone was looking so good too. Your children are beautiful. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  2. It's wonderful to have fun and festivities with family and friends, and the weather was so nice and cool! xoxo

  3. What a wonderful, happy event weekend. Your grands are all just precious. Just darling.

    How wonderful your co-worker found someone to love after those years of widowhood. She is a beautiful woman and I bet she is beautiful inside, too!

    Loved this post, Joy- xo Diana

  4. Cindy,
    How sweet to share all this joy this week end. Your grands are so adorable and they have such pretty and happy eyes. Glad you had such a great week end.

  5. Such a lovely story Cindy. Good for her. Have a lovely day! Jo

  6. So Sweet! Loved reading all about good news! My oldest daughters name is Katie and we called her Katie bug when she was little. Loved this post Cindy!

  7. The little K's are adorable. So much fun watching them. Our last 6th grade concert for our K. they had the band sit in front of the kids. We never even saw her. We couldn't believe it.
    a friend of ours remarried this year. They are the cutest couple. I think he is probably 67, but he doesn't look like it. They both lost their spouses of 30 plus years to cancer. I just hated that he was alone. Hugs

  8. Hi Cindy, what a wonderful weekend you had. Your grands are beautiful!!
    Congrats to the happy couple finding each other and this happy ending. They are a beautiful together.
    Love all your pics and looks like you work with some sweet girls.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  9. So glad that you've been able to celebrate happy moments in your life lately. Was that your sister that got married? Congrats to her!

  10. What a joy filled post, Cindy!
    So happy you were able to share in your friends happiness.
    Your little ones are adorable!
    Have a super Thursday.

  11. Hi Cindy. I can tell you had a lot of happiness these last few days. Your girls are so cute and K-Bug looks like she loves to sing. How great is that? How nice that your friend has a chance at a new life and looks like you and all your co-workers enjoy each other..Happy Wednesday..Judy


Hi Friend, I read and cherish every single comment you leave! You bring Joy to my heart! Blessings, Cindy