Friday, February 13, 2015

To Be A Blessing

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a follow-up from my last post
Because Valentine's Day can be tough for a widow
I decided I needed to be pro-active
And Be A Blessing This Week

Here are a few things I did

The only thing my son every wants for V-Day
Is a box of chocolates
So, I bought him a box to start his week
Unfortunately he has been sick most of the week
But, he did eat the chocolate :)

Next, I have a friend who has been facing a really tough week
So, I slipped a gift card in mail this week
I hope she gets to enjoy a little relax time next week

I love getting a small gift for my 3 K's
I got them all wrapped up to give them on Thursday
My K Day

I had forgotten to hide the Candy Canes
So, I couldn't get them away from these two cuties

Even after I gave them their V-Day gifts
No Candy in the baggies
Just a few little fun play things

When the oldest got home from school
She got her little gift
It's always a treat to be able to bless these special girlies

I mentioned in my last post about taking a small gift
To your co-workers
Well, I proceeded to make a few sweet treats

They didn't cost much
But it was fun to put them together
With tags, ribbons, some confetti strings, etc
And chocolate of course

It was fun to walk into the office this morning
With a basket full of little gifts
For All of the Staff members
No, I did NOT make one for myself

At lunch today
I made a surprise visit to my K-Bugs' school
And had lunch with her
That was a Super Sweet Time for me

I got home from work at 5 and immediately put on my PJ's

Tomorrow morning I'll get up 
And go spend some time with my mom
I'll take her out for lunch and help her around her place
A great Valentine gift, I say!

Then, I'll rush home and get things ready
For My 3 K's to come over for the night

Their parents are going out on a date
So I get the girls for the late afternoon and night

To Be A Blessing
Yep, That is what life is about

Praying you are blessed this weekend


  1. It sounds like you are making the best of this holiday. Your little Ks and your sweet son will help make it a better day. So sweet of you making other people happy. Hugs

  2. You sure do have a great attitude about being alone on Valentines Day. Giving is so much better than receiving anyway I think. Have fun with the kiddies, I get my 3 for an over night party today. When I have those smiles in my home I never feel lonely only loved. Happy Valentines's Day. Hugs Jo

  3. Sweet, sweet post, and very loving to give to others on Valentine's Day.

    Have a loving day today dear Cindy ~ FlowerLady

  4. It is definitely better to give than receive. Sweet!

  5. Well, Miz Cindy- You are one of the sweetest people I have ever "met"...(blogging). Those around you are blessed to have you for a friend and family member.

    Love the picture of your son. He looks like he is a lot of fun. Sorry has been sick but chocolate can cure many ills!;>)

    Have a wonderful, blessed Valentine's Day. xo Diana

  6. I know that being alone is a daily struggle, Cindy, but I'm so proud of you for seeking out the positives in every situation. It sounds like you created some wonderful new Valentine's Day traditions and memories.

  7. What a Blessing YOU are Cindy!
    I love everything you did for the people that you love. So sweet!
    Happy Sunday!


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