Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I found on my Walk

Hi Friends,

As you will be able to tell
From these photo's
I don't live in the cold mountains
Or Snowy areas around the country

Nope, I live in the desert southwest

Our city is very busy this week
We have a Major Golf Tournament going on 
A Super Bowl getting ready to happen
Along with a week of partying
And many celebs walking about
Yep, it's busy around these parts

And the weather, well it's great
Albeit a bit drizzly 

But, I did take a short walk today
And look what I found

January Weeds :)

Rustic Beauty

Desert Landscape

Cacti Galore

And a couple of Really Cute Girlies

Hiding under the mailbox from the sprinkles

Enjoying each others company

And helping Nana bring in the trash can

Yes Friends
It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood

I pray you enjoy the blessings around you
No matter what they are

Consider It All JOY


  1. Those girlies are cuties. Having lots of weather here.

  2. Adorable girls. My bushes are all abloom in yellow too.

  3. i like to find beauty in each day, even in each moment. If I am lucky enough to capture some through my photographs, all the more better!

  4. You sure did find to darling little helpers. Jo

  5. Your grand D's are so cute and helpful.

    Great photos of the beauty in your area.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. It's always interesting to me to see the various landscape styles we have here in the valley. I doubt there is one single cacti here in Power Ranch, but we have lots of deciduous trees that gave us Fall colors for about three weeks. It really bothers me that people are so careless with their trash. Lots of times, when hubby and I go for walks, he gloves-up, takes his long gripper-thingy, & a trash bag to pick up litter in our neighborhood. It would be so easy to blame it all on teenagers, but I suspect some of the litterers are a bit older.

    Hubby and I are feeling a bit under-the-weather, so along with this drizzly weather, winter visitor onslaught, golf tourney, Stupid Bowl craziness, it's just a good time to hunker down in our cozy home. I'm thinking it's going to be a "pj's & soup" kind of day.

    Your little girls are so cute, Cindy. Our baby is celebrating her 4th birthday today. They just refuse to stay little, don't they?

  7. We don't live in the desert but we are still without rain or snow or Winter in general. Sure picked up a couple of cuties..Happy Weekend..Judy


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