Saturday, January 31, 2015

Doing a bit of fluffing

Hi Friends,

Well, it's been raining in Arizona for 3 days
I decided I'd do a bit of fluffing in my bedroom
Since I can't work outside much this weekend

All fluff really means today is 
Cleaning :)

This dresser belonged to my mom's parents
I love it
Yet, I am almost ready to paint it
(Don't faint mom)

I bought this piece at a flea market
Many years ago
It's gong to get some paint as well

One of my favorite little pieces

This desk belonged to my hubby's dad
It did get some paint several years ago
But I'm not happy with the finished product
So, it may get a make over soon too

When I received this hand made basket
From my secret Santa this year
I decided to add a bit of grey to my bedroom
I love this basket and keep my remotes and what not in it

Although this guy is my son's doggie
He follows me everywhere

I bought new sheets (pewter)
Love adding the new color 
My bed is my comfort zone
I recently purchased a new mattress
And a really fluffy thick cover for it

Then I found this sweet white quilt on a super sale
And even though it's a twin
I loved adding it to the foot of my bed

I took the red/white comforter off and
Put the black/white one back on for a lighter look
Since most of my furniture is very dark
I needed to let go of some of the red

I do hope to paint all of my bedroom furniture this spring

The next two photos are the reality of my bed

I LOVE Pillows
And have 8 of them on my bed at all times
Yes, I even sleep with them
It makes me feel safe

I think I need some new pillowcases
So they match a little better
Don't you???

Well, that's my little fluff for the day

Tomorrow the kids/grands are coming to watch the Big Game

My DIL is from Washington and a Sea-Hawks fan
Sshhhhh....Don't tell her
I'm rooting for NE

Have a super blessed Sunday


  1. The antique dresser is gorgeous!!
    I do love the light grey color you are incorporating with the white in your bedroom, Cindy.
    The little dress form is really sweet. No wonder it is a favorite of yours.
    Change takes time.
    It all looks good so far.
    Enjoy your family today!

  2. No! Cindy! Don't paint it. It will ruin the character of the piece!
    Please don't!!

    But love your bedroom.
    Blessings to you, M-

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Love your gorgeous antique pieces in your room and the touch of white you are adding. The bedding is so pretty and the touch of grey is perfect. Lovely basket to hold your remotes. I too love lots of pillows. The piece over your bed is awesome. Your sons dog is so sweet.
    Have fun fluffing.
    Thanks for stopping by too.

  4. Love your pics of your bedroom. I love a lot of pillows on the bed too. Terry sleeps with one pillow and I have three and then all the throws around me too!!!! Hope you had fun with the super bowl.

  5. That antique dresser is beautiful and if it was mine, I would have a hard time with painting it. But, that's just me. The other piece I could see painting though.

    Where do you buy such gorgeous sheets. My bedroom is my cozy nest too. I keep working on it to make it more so.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh my goodness. Your home is full of antiques! Love them all!


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