Thursday, June 27, 2013


Have you heard of Birchbox?
I was so excited to receive my first box yesterday!
I first heard of Birchbox a few months ago
While hanging at my mom's house
She had a couple of cute boxes filled
With all sorts of goodies
I asked her what they were
That's when she told me about a gift she received
From one of my nieces

She received one box per month filled with cool samples
And new products
I wanted one but didn't know how to get it
( She didn't offer to give me hers - LOL )

Soon, I saw a link on a friends blog
And Voilà,
I signed up, and am now
enjoying my first box
For only $10 per month
I received a box filled with cool stuff
I'm looking forward to trying each of these products
in the days ahead
They can have up to an 8 week waiting list but I received my invite within 6 days:)
And I received my first box in 2 weeks

I am already looking forward to my next box
Oh, wait, I better use these first!!
P.S. They have Birchbox for men as well!!

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