Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day In The Life

While mommy, daddy and little K~Baby
Have been at the hospital
I had the pleasure of keeping
My little K~Bug and K~Bel for a couple days
Here are a few shots from Sunday

 Can you tell how happy this Big Sis is

K~Bel is more interested in electronics than the new baby
She Loves her daddy's lap-top
 One Proud daddy of three beautiful girlies
AND a beautiful wife
She wants to go swimming
But she only got the hose
 A few moments of rest

 I think she thought she was going to Big school
 K~Bug's request for dinner
Well, they are all under one roof tonight
Hope they get some sleep :)


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  2. What beautiful pictures! A beautiful family. You are blessed Cindy. Of course, I know you already knew that.


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