Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Water Weekend

Since becoming a widow
I have been challenged with Priority setting
It seems I find myself in crisis mode
More than I would like to admit

Finding time to be everything to everyone
Has rocked what once was my simple way of life
Working full time, caring for a disabled son,
being mom and dad, as well as nana and papa
Laundry, cooking, cleaning the inside
As well as the outside of my home
Making necessary repairs and upkeep
Are keeping me in crisis mode
Instead of managing my life

With that said
Today was taking care of another of my
'I let this go too long' tasks
My pool had become a swamp
As spring has more than sprung in Arizona
My family is anxiously awaiting the moment
They can jump in and cool off
I had to tackle this:
 Last night I drained the pool
I became best friends with this:
 Mr PowerWasher
We spent 5 hours together this afternoon
And my arms are 'reeling' from the vibrations:)
 But now my pool is Clean
And soon its beauty will be
Calling us to come and play
As soon as I get the yard cleaned up
I'll share some after photos

Now to tackle dinner before it become tomorrow:)
Oh, and take 2 Tylenol, put Aloe on my sunburn and eat a couple Oreo cookies!!!

Considering It All Joy,


  1. You are amazing! Keep your head up! Enjoy your warm week! Love you!

  2. You did a good job, don't want to dampen your being proud for doing the job, but how about some of the people that will be using the pool - helping out with the cleaning?

  3. Teri, Yeah, I thought about that, but 1 son is disabled and the other married with 3rd baby on the way (hormonal wife:) Anyway, Sometimes, doing something so physical is kind of healing for me! At least my oldest let me borrow his Power Washer:)

  4. You did an AMAZING job! :) Living in the chilly U.P. of Michigan - the ice just went out of our pool last week, so we will be tackling the getting it ready to use after we get back from spring break - it's one of those things that Rick always did for us - but you have inspired me and I CAN DO IT too! :) Have a wonderful week ♥


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