Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh, I could so see myself in her...Book Review

Insecurities: Oh Yes!  We all have them!
But this author 'Stephanie McAfee' has put them together in 'Diary of a Mad Fat Girl' and made us laugh at ourselves and life.

I just finished reading this book for BlogHer and admit I was hooked from the start.  The author draws you in to her Southern life with wit, sassiness, a little sexy, and a bit of sarcasm.  Raising children in a small town allowed me to 'get' her life in the small town of Bugtussle, Mississippi. Nosey neighbors and gossip mills run amuck in small town America and it was no different for 'Ace'.

This book is a quick read and is sure to cause you to laugh, cry and cheer for 'Ace' and her friends as they travel life's bumpy road.  The ups and downs of work relationships, friendships and love lives are woven in a fun and ever moving tale of trouble and 'how did we get here'.  This author does us language that may be offensive to the younger or conservative reader.    

Though I received a copy of the book and will receive a small compensation for my post, the views and opinions are mine alone. 

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