Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answered Prayer!

The news we have been waiting for has arrived.

After nearly 8 long months of working 4 jobs, I may be able to quit one of them.

The letter reads: Approved!

No denial, no appeals process, just approved.

It seems that Renal failure/transplant are automatic approvals for disability.

Yes, that is right, my husband was finally approved for disability.

But how can such sweet notice be met with such bittersweet response?

It seems while I am doing the HAPPY dance,

My husband is feeling less that Happy.

I never thought about how this would affect him.

My husband is a born provider, nearly a work-a-holic.

Now, with this news, he is face to face with the reality of never being able to work again.

Though we knew he couldn't work, there is just something about seeing it in black and white.

Now the true adjustments begin.

Or, haven't we been making those all along?

God walks us through the journey.

He doesn't move us from point A to point Z.

Daily our lives are being moved around the playing field like pawns in a game of chess.

Us making moves and God rearranging our movement (as we listen to His voice) to get us where he ultimately wants us:

Check Mate!

He captured us!

He captured our hearts!

He captured our hopes, dreams, and lives!

He captured our love and attention!

Check Mate ~

Captured ~

By a Loving Father ~

There is no other place I want to be!

Considering Being Captured With Joy,



  1. Thanking God for answering your prayers!

    4 jobs..wow!!

  2. What a testimony as you choose to see the positive in a trying situation. As always, I will continue to pray. You're on my list in my prayer journal for Tuesdays.

  3. Oh, me too Cindy! I want to be totally captured by and captivated by Him!

    I am glad for the answered prayer and will pray for your husband as he deals with the finality of it all.

    Many blessings

  4. that truly is bittersweet, isn't it? can't imagine what seeing that in print would do to your husband.

    love your faith in our Lord!!

  5. Cindy, yes, bittersweet news, but rejoicing in God's answered prayer. You are the apple of His eye!

  6. I know this bittersweet taste. Two songs being played over your life - one that brings rejoicing and one that brings disappointment.

    It's so hard being caught in the middle of one piece of music. The treble part is victorious and lilting, while the bass accompaniment lingers long, low and harsh. Inside, emotions are torn. The arms of our heart are stretched out. Each one is being pulled in the opposite direction. A battle is being fought. The journey of life brings the Road to Emmaus, but also the Via Dolorosa. Two paths. Two seasons. Both leading to the same Savior.

    Celebrating this good news and praying for your husbands acceptance.


  7. I am so glad for your news. I know though that it is always hard on a man who is used to providing to not be able to any more. I pray God will lead him to a new hobby that he can enjoy. Blessing!

  8. I'm so glad they approved him. With all that he's been going through, he should be approved.

    I just wanted to tell you that Michele of Beelieve you Can blog is moving to PA next week. She wrote a blog post telling AZ bloggers about getting together at Gooseberries on 7th Street and Thunderbird on Thursday at 11am.

    With you working, it might be difficult but I wanted to mention it to you. I would love for you to come. I think there will be five of us, including Mary of Piles of Smiles and Charlotte of Charlottes weblog. If it's possible, feel free to email me.

  9. Praise Him!!! Tell your sweet hubby that God will keep him plenty busy doing things for the kingdom of God if he'll let Him!

    Wow! Wonderful news!

  10. I don't know the details of your husband condition or physical body. However, could he not become a permanent handy man? I mean, is there something he likes to do that he could do for others...whether being paid or not. I'm not sure if he can't work b/c of disability restrictions or can't work full time because of physical restrictions. Just thinking out loud if he could use this time to be active and do things he enjoys working with his hands or whatever it may be.

  11. I wonder what Papa God has on the horizon of your life. I can only imagine the goodness that will encompass you... I am thankful that provision has come for you.. I pray that your husband will see the heart of His Papa who loves Him so...and not the failure to provide. It's interesting how times come that aren't at all what we thought they would be... yet God has plans of goodness mixed into them that we can't begin to imagine. That's what I believe this next step is for you both.


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