Monday, April 13, 2009

Question of the Week!

Hi Girlfriends,

Tonight I have a question for you.

I am facing a life changing decision that could potentially affect every aspect of my life along with my families lives and several friends lives.

It is not sinful or bad, it is just something I have been praying about since November and I really need to come to a decision.

Have you ever been in that place? You must make a decision and you just can't seem to hear God. -OR- You have heard God and you don't really like what HE is saying? You know the place I am talking about.

Here is my double question of the week:

How do you know for sure when God has really spoken to you?

How does He confirm His answers in your spirit?

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Considering Your answers Joyful,


  1. Cindy, praying the Lord will make His will very clear to you.

    When I've been seeking direction from God in the past, when God speaks there is just no question that it is God. There's a certainty that comes with the direction and confirmation in the peace that follows that is so "other" that I can only attribute it to the Lord.

    When I'm hearing no direction, I wait. My Pastor always says, "When in doubt...don't". If you're uncertain, don't move. Wait for the Lord to answer. He will in His time. He wants to answer. He's not the author of confusion. He promises to lead and direct our path, but maybe our timing is off. He WILL clearly show the way as you keep seeking and obeying Him. Until you know the next step, just keep faithfully following the things He has revealed to you.

    Praying you will know the blessed assurance of God's direction and confirmation,

  2. Sweet sister, I know just what you mean. SOmetimes we want to put our own feeling into the picture and think it is God speaking. In my past experience, you will just KNOW when it is right. You will just feel it in your spirit. Sometimes I ask GOd to close doors if it is NOT His will. I don't think he objects to that. He knows that we just want to be IN His will.

    I will be praying for you,

  3. Hey, Cindy! This is a great question! I've posted and pondered about it before myself.

    Lots of times, when I 've prayed and asked God what His will is for me, a friend will mention a particular scripture reference or bring up a topic that answers my question. Another way is when He shows me scripture from a devotional or a blog. Later, that same scripture is brought before me again, and maybe again!!

    As Joy said, if you're not sure, WAIT. He will let you know! Stay grounded in the Word and ask for prayer from godly friends!! I'll be praying for your discernment and wisdom.


  4. I've been there too Cindy. When in doubt, it's usually wait. But I always check to be sure it doesn't contradict anything that the Bible says. Of course, I pray about it and read my Bible. If I spend time in the Word, often a verse will almost come off the page to me. I also sometimes talk with my closest Christian friends, especially my prayer partner. We hold each other accountable.

  5. Hi Cindy!
    I have been in that same place many times. I agree with everything that has been suggested also, super advice - especially wait. If you still don't know for sure...wait.
    And, yes, confirmation through scripture in some form or fashion does ususally seem to follow at least once, if not more than once.
    Prayer and the insight of close, Christian friends...absolutly invaluable.
    And my favorite is peace. When the decision is made, His peace will become yours. Sometimes, I will make the decision, begin to act on it, and then His peace does not follow at all. If I am still tossing, turning, and looking for confirmation, I have been known to turn around and go the totally opposite direction. I might look like a silly goose, but it is better than being outside of HIS best for me.
    Praying for you, dear friend!

  6. It's a hard call. I struggle with it also. However, as others have said, when it IS for sure Him, it's obvious. Everything regarding my new house purchase and sell, literally fell into place. Even in the beginning when I felt this wasn't it. He has blessed me. There are other issues in which I struggle to know if He's asking me to do xyz or if it's my desire. Something I know I need to do soon and yet I haven't had that on fire, gotta do it now feeling. I don't know for sure if that is Him telling me to wait or if that is my own fear of the events to come.

    I agree, when you don't know...wait. I've been in that position too and afraid if I wait, i'll miss the opportunity if it's really God. Don't fret that either. Because if you are waiting out of trying to be obedient to God, then He will bless you for that and still make the situation work. He won't remove from you something tha you chose to wait out of obedience. Make sense?

    Hope since you posted this, you've found the answers you need and heard the voice of God clearly.

  7. I am surprised than no one mentioned sharing and praying with your spouse. God will not call one and not the other in a marriage. Obviously if you do not have your husband's blessings, you need to tread carefully!


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