Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day {26} of 60 to 60

An update of 3 JOYS

It's only about the JOY

An unexpected mid morning text from my oldest granddaughter
Just to say Hi and I Love You
Nothing could have made my day more Joy~Filled

This Girl
I love her so...

After month's of tests and doctor appointments
Our family has confirmed that our mom is truly a CAT

She has survived a Whipple Surgery at age 70
(look it up - it's seldom survivable)
A broken hip at age 73
A stroke at age 77
A craniotomy at age 79
This summer she has been faced with the 
possibility of spleen cancer
NOPE - not her
And today was receiving the results of which we were prepared 
Would be early Alzheimer's or Dementia
NOPE - not her
She has evidence of 3 strokes 
But NO Alzheimer's, No Dementia
Just a bit of early cognitive memory loss

We think she has MORE than 9 lives
And may just outlive us all
Thank you Jesus for a woman who taught 
Her children to believe and trust in YOU

A Lovely Post Rainstorm Walk
A perfect sunset to end a beautiful day

What could be more Joy~filled

Blessings To YOU!! 


  1. I am so glad your mother does not have dementia. It is so difficult to see a loved one change with that condition. My husband had it for 6 yeas before dying at age 56 not knowing me for 2 years.

  2. This post is filled with wonderful goodness. Thanks be to Jesus for His wonderful blessings, for His tender love and care.

    Have a great day dear Cindy ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love the pic of you and your granddaughter. Precious. The pic of you and your mom and sister is fabulous too. Your mom has sure beaten the odds. Your mom has truly been blessed. You are so blessed to have your mom and your mom you. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. God bless your mom!!! She is a trooper and has been blessed already! Love your granddaughter's call and the picture of your walk. xo Diana


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