Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy 81st MOM

Hello Friends

I haven't blogged in such a long time
I almost forgot how to download, edit and upload photos

Hopefully, in the weeks ahead
I will blog more and fill you in
On where I've been and life in general

I want to SAY
Happy 81st Birthday to my Mom

In the past 10+ years
This sweet lady
Has endured a
Whipple surgery
Broken Hip
Mini Stroke
Valley Fever
And something that has eaten a good bit
Of her skull away
Yet, we celebrate 81 years
With Great JOY

She has
4 Children
11 Grandchildren
12 Great Grandchildren

We had a delightful Celebration at my home on Sunday
I'm sharing just a few of my favorite photos

Cousins and Braces

Cousins and 2nd Cousins

Laughter and Silliness

Which pretty much describes our lives

Why would this be a favorite photo?

It is a reminder of:
Family, food, fellowship
Joy, blessings and Happiness
And Celebration of a life well lived

Remember that messes
Are a Symbols of LIFE

Happy Birthday Mom


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom. She's been through a lot, but look at her laugh and love with her family. :-)

    Have missed you Cindy. Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. Happy birthday to your mama . She is very loved and you all are so blessed to have her . Good to see you cindy . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  3. Hi Cindy, Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom. How special to turn 81 years young. Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful celebration together. Wishing her many more years of health, happiness and lots of love.
    So nice to see you this morning in my inbox.
    Have a great week. Blessings xo

  4. Sweet friend, Happy Birthday to your precious mom! What a beautiful lady...just like you! I love the photo of you with your mom laughing - too sweet.

    You are never far from my thoughts. Love and hugs to you!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom. What a beautiful post.

  6. I've missed you, Cindy. Love this post with photos of your precious mom (Happy Birthday to her!) and her beautiful family. So much joy illustrated here. Hugs, Nancy

  7. She looks just beautiful and I would never guess her to be that old. I am so happy to see a post from you, Cindy. Hope you are back for good now!

    Your mom looks like a sweet, lovely person. Happy Birthday to her- xo Diana

  8. It is a blessing to have loved ones in our lives so long. I am glad you had a joyful, love-filled day in celebration of your mothers great life. My mom will be 84 in December and doing pretty good, better than me I think at times! She deals with wet macular degeneration in her eyes, which requires regular shots in them, and is one year clear of breast cancer so far since having a breast removed. Dad is 88 in July. I am blessed they are both around still as many of my friends lost their parents. I speak with them each week as they live in another state and I cannot afford flying, plus not up to travel yet. I am hoping to be able to go visit them in Oct.

  9. Your mom is so beautiful, my favorite picture is the four of you together laughing, so precious! What a special family you have, and how wonderful to have them all gather at your home to celebrate your precious mother! Messes are wonderful when they involve special family memories being made, I agree! Hugs to you today... so happy to see you posting again!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your MOm
    Your family pictures are wonderful

    I miss having my family for special events


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