Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rainy Day

Good Sunday Afternoon
Sweet Friends

Being awoken this morning with the sound of rain
Was a welcomed surprise
Here in the desert southwest
We get afternoon thunder storms
However, we rarely have full days of steady rain

Yet, today that is what we have had
During, what I thought would be a break in the clouds
My kiddo and I ran to the big box store
Let's just say that
A deluge of rain met us walking out and I got soaked
It was almost Fun

It slowed again which allowed me to get to the grocery store
And is raining now as I type

I did enjoy heading outside for a few shots in the garden

The Mexican Petunias I planted last week are LOVING the rain

One of my pink Vinca soaking it in

And the white Vinca settling nicely around some fall d├ęcor

My little scarecrows along the front walk are drenched
But they are enjoying playing in the rain ... just like kids

Since it has been a rainy day
I decided to do a bit of card making
This mess is probably why I don't do it more often

A friend gifted me with some 'new to me' stamps
Reorganizing and finding space is a fun job on a rainy day

My prayer for you is that:
You have been blessed with Joy and Rest this day
And that the week ahead is Beautiful!

Let's Add Sprinkles


  1. The rain really was nice! How fun to get all of those stamps! Messes made while doing something fun like card-making is a "happy mess!"

    Have a great week!

  2. Rainy days can be wonderful! Thank you for joining Monday Social.

  3. We in Oregon have had rain on and off for a couple days--makes the air smell sweet and fresh!

  4. Good Morning my friend. I bet you enjoyed a full day of rain out there in the desert.
    Rain filled days are so inspiring glad you could get out your stash and make some cards. Have a great and joy filled week.

  5. We planted Mexican Petunias in the Spring and they have bloomed all summer. New blooms every day. They are so pretty and do so well here. Enjoy your week!

  6. I miss crafting, maybe for the holidays I'll get my mojo back. I love the rain and your flowers.

  7. Hi Cindy, You captured some lovely fall photos outside and I am sure the raindrops were welcomed. How special to receive a gift of new stamps. Rainy days, creating and cozy indoor moments are some of my favorite days. Enjoy the week and blessings to you my friend. xo

  8. Card making fun - perfect on a rainy day!

  9. Don't you just love a rainy day! I enjoy curling up in the corner of my sofa with a cup of coffee and a good book. I enjoy sitting on the back patio and listening to the pitter patter. Yes, I've always enjoying playing in the rain, walking in the rain and even mud puddles once in my life even when my mama told me I was going to ground itch, whatever that was! I never did!

  10. Hi sweet friend, So glad you had a rainy day and got to spend your time creating cards. Sending you hugs and love.

  11. Hi Cindy. We had a little rain too and it really was refreshing. I couldn't even see one empty space in my craft room, so it took me two days to clear it up. When it is neat and tidy, that's when I feel creative..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. I got woke up this morning at 2:30 am with a big band of thunder and lighting in my bedroom. It was really pouring down rain here also.
    I just love making cards and I usually use a little bit of everything even pieces of old cards

  13. That's so great that you got a full day of rain! It has been very dry in GA too this year. We have not had much this summer and are not expecting much this Fall either. So, I can relate to smiling when it rains! Your flowers were probably smiling too. Card making sounds fun. Certainly a good thing to do when you're stuck inside.

  14. Cindy,
    Rain... we received some today that blew in from Colorado. Thank you for joining Monday Social.


  15. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. Your yard is amazing!

  16. Rain is such a blessing! You still have pretty flowers...most of mine have kind of pooped out.


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